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Chapter 11: The Soul’s Thirst

Let me repeat it: in samadhi our knowledge does not help, because all that knowledge was learned by the mind, and that mind is left far behind, far away. We have gone beyond the mind. The one who knew is no longer a companion there. The one who understood everything, the one who had the knowledge of all kinds of words and doctrines, the one who had digested all the scriptures, is left far behind. It is not only the outer garment, the body, that is left behind, but the very mind is left behind. All that has been our deepest experience is left behind. Taking the jump from the mind, the seeker now stands at the very door of samadhi; now he has no way of knowing.

Whosoever enters the door to samadhi is suddenly totally ignorant. There is no way there for knowing anything, no system for knowing anything, no means for knowing anything; just the pure knowing remains. It is very difficult to give any information after coming back. Who is there to give information? Who is there to bring the news? But the information has been given. Some people have made untiring efforts to do this.

They are the most compassionate ones in this world who gave information after returning from samadhi. Why? Because even the desire to return from samadhi does not arise. Returning from samadhi is like returning from a situation where you achieved everything you wanted, where all wishes were fulfilled, where there remained no reason for even a slight movement, a slight activity.to return from such a place.

It is said that when Buddha attained samadhi he did not come out of it for seven days. It is a beautiful story. It says that all the gods gathered at his feet, Indra began to weep and Brahma put his head on Buddha’s feet, and they all requested Buddha not to remain like that, “because,” they said, “even we gods pine for the message that the person returning from samadhi gives. And so many people for so many lifetimes wait for someone to become a buddha and deliver the message after coming back from samadhi, to speak and tell what he has known. So please do not remain silent, please speak.”

But Buddha said, “There is no one left here to speak, there is no desire left to speak. Moreover, what I have witnessed - it is hard even for me to believe that it can be spoken. Where then is the chance of listeners understanding it?”

When the gods did not agree, Buddha further said, “If you do not agree, I will speak; but I tell you that these things that I may say I myself would not have understood had someone else told them to me before my own realization. So how will anybody else understand? Through this experience I have also come to another understanding, that those who will be able to understand what I have to say can also reach without me; and those who would not be able to understand what I have to say - there is no sense in racking one’s brain in front of them.”

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