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Chapter 11: The Soul’s Thirst

However, the sun, the trees, the flowers are experiences of ordinary life; they can be caught. Samadhi is an extraordinary experience - it happens to only one in millions. And what happens there, all the senses become incapable of informing about it. The ears do not hear there, eyes cannot see there, hands cannot touch there, and the experience that happens there is boundless. The vast immensity falling over your roof, or the whole sky coming down into your courtyard, the chaos, the dumbfoundedness that will come to you - something similar to this happens in the moment of samadhi. This tiny personal space of consciousness, and the whole ocean descends over it.

Kabir has said that first he figured that the drop had fallen into the ocean. But when he came to his senses he realized that the situation was just the opposite: it is the ocean that has fallen into the drop. So Kabir has said that at first he thought that he would be able to somehow tell something or other after returning - though that too appeared difficult. It is difficult.

Kabir’s words are:

Herat herat hey sakhi rahya Kabir herayi
Bunda samani samunda men so kat heri jayi.

“Oh friend! Seeking and searching, Kabir was gradually lost. The drop has fallen into the ocean, how can the drop be sought out?”

The drop that fell into the ocean, how to bring it out again in order that it may narrate the happening to the world? This was already difficult, but Kabir afterwards changed the lines of the song, canceling the previous ones, and said, “That was a mistake committed because of haste. The experience was new. I could not quite understand what had happened. Out of the old habit I saw things the wrong way around.” Then he wrote the verse differently:

Herat herat hey sakhi rahya Kabir herayi
Samunda samana bunda men so kat hera jayi.

“Oh friend, seeking and searching, Kabir was gradually lost. The ocean has fallen into the drop, how can the drop be sought out?

“The ocean has descended into the drop. Had it been the drop that had fallen into the ocean perhaps somehow I would have sought it out, but just the opposite has happened: it is the whole ocean that has fallen into the drop. Now even if I want to I would not know where to look for this drop. Now this drop cannot be found.”

The mediums that have enabled us to know all that we have known in the world become useless in knowing what happens in the moment of samadhi. We ourselves become useless. Our very existence gets shattered. Some bigger existence, which has no limits, bursts forth on us - suddenly. We die in the process.

Samadhi is the ultimate death, bigger than the physical death; because in the physical death only the body dies, the mind survives, whereas in samadhi the mind dies. For the first time our entire relationship with the mind breaks; for the first time all the connecting strings of the mind snap, making us separate. And our whole knowledge was of the mind. So in samadhi, for the first time, we stand utterly ignorant.

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