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Chapter 4: LSD: A Shortcut to False Samadhi

There is a great possibility of self-delusion. The mind is deceptive and the unconscious goes on playing tricks. And the deception is possible not only on LSD but even in ordinary meditation, because the unconscious mind is the same. If you want to move into meditation, you must change the unconscious. It must become vacant; it must not be a “knowing” unconscious. It must be open, vulnerable, ready to face the unknown, because meditation means going into the unknown.

Before meditation can happen you need first to go through a purging, a cleansing: you need to be completely overhauled. The unconscious must not be burdened, it must not have seeds. Sabeej samadhi is samadhi with seed. Samadhi with seed means a samadhi with all your projections. It is not samadhi at all; it is just a name.

There is another term: Nirbeej samadhi, samadhi which is seedless. Only a seedless samadhi is authentic because there is nothing being projected. You are not projecting; something has come to you, you have encountered something. You come to know something completely new, completely fresh, absolutely unknown before. It is not even imagined, because whatever you can imagine you can project.

Knowledge is a hindrance to samadhi, so a person who “knows” can never reach samadhi. You must not go into meditation burdened with knowledge. You can reach the door of samadhi only if you are completely empty-handed, naked, vacant. Only then does the authentic thing happen; otherwise, you will be meditating with all your projections.

You have been projecting in meditation and you have been projecting in your LSD experiences; both are projections. You must unburden yourself. Understand that; forget all that you have known; don’t conceive of samadhi in any way whatsoever. Don’t have any preconceptions, don’t conceptualize. Just move innocently, like a child, into an unknown country where the language is not known, where you are not acquainted with anything, where everything is new, and you have no guidebook with you. Only in this way will things begin to happen that are authentic.

Otherwise it will take a long time before something authentic happens to you in meditation. You will bypass the reality completely and the projections will continue. Then LSD will be more forceful, more vital, and meditation will be faint in comparison. But if you unburden yourself of your knowledge, if you forget these names - kundalini, chakras, everything - if you put it all aside and proceed just like a child, then meditation will happen. Otherwise meditation, too, will be imaginary, a dream.

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