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Chapter 7: The Sacred Explosion

Farid said, “I am talking in metaphors. Scissors I don’t need because scissors cut things apart. A needle I need because a needle puts things together. I teach love. My whole teaching is based on love - how to put things together, how to teach people communion. I need a needle so that I can put people together. The scissors are useless; they cut, they disconnect. Next time when you come, just an ordinary needle will be enough.”

Where a needle is needed, a sword is dangerous. And one has to be aware about methods. We are so much attached to methods that rather than changing the method, we are ready to drop God. We are ready to say there is no God, because our methods are not able to reveal him. But we never think it may be that our methods are wrong.

You cannot hear music with the eyes. Because eyes say there is no music, that does not mean that music is nonexistential. You cannot see colors with the ears. That does not mean that colors don’t exist; that simply means that ears are incapable of knowing colors and eyes are incapable of knowing music. For music, ears are needed; for colors, flowers, rainbows, eyes are needed.

Religion is the way of surrender, not of conquering. But the paradox is that.Love’s conqueror is he whom love conquers.

The paradox is that those who are ready to be defeated by love become victorious. But remember one thing: this should not be your unconscious motivation, otherwise you will miss again.

Sanai says: If you want to conquer, be conquered. And you do want to conquer; deep down the desire is always there to conquer. So you say, “Okay. If this is the way to conquer, that I have to be conquered, then I will be conquered - because I want to be a conqueror.” You will miss. The subtle motivation will destroy the whole beauty, the whole approach: you are still trying to conquer. No, the motivation has to disappear completely.

Victory is a consequence, not an effort. It is not an effect that you can cause, it is a consequence. When there is no motivation of conquering, victory comes. When you are not on a conquest trip, on an ego trip, victory comes. It is a consequence, a natural consequence, of the heart which is humble, meek, surrendered.

What does it mean to be meek, humble, surrendered? It means remaining in a let-go; it means going with the whole, not struggling against it. If you are sad, don’t struggle against it. Then be sad, rejoice in your sadness, because this is the gift of existence at this particular time. It must be a need, because nothing happens without your need. You must need this climate this moment..

So if you are sad, be totally sad this is how existence wants you to be - with not even a slight lurking motivation to fight with it, to drop it, to go beyond it, to be not sad. No, just relax with it, and you will see a miracle happening inside you: when you relax with sadness, sadness becomes luminous. Yes, even sadness becomes luminous, because acceptance is such a magical phenomenon. Experiment and see.

Buddha says ihi passiko - come and see, experiment and see.

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