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Chapter 10: God Is Because You Are Full of Fear

You need not be worried about it, but you should not be going to the physicians and doctors because they will stigmatize you, convince you that something is wrong. They will make you afraid that you are losing control of your mind. They can make you so much afraid of the disease that you will start to unconsciously prevent the fit and that will be a disaster. Even now, although after the fit you are feeling beautiful, still - in the fit you feel a great “NO,” you don’t want to go into it. You have already accepted the idea of the doctors that it is a disease, that if you go deeper into it you will be mad.

I say to you: if you can go deeper into it you will be certainly mad in the same sense that Gautam Buddha is mad, Socrates is mad. These people are not really mad, they alone are sane but they are in a mad world.

And they are in such a minority that only after millions of people does there come a point when somebody becomes enlightened. He is so alone. And the whole world is not ready to accept anything that has not been happening to them.and naturally they are in a majority. And this man - Gautam Buddha or Mahavira or Bodhidharma - is trying to say that he has achieved something which you have not achieved. It hurts your ego, it annoys people, it irritates people because it brings the question clearly into their focus: “Is there life, a sane life?” They know life is not sane, but where to find the sanity?

All the religions have been saying that to find it is a very difficult job, it takes lives and lives to attain. So they are discouraging people.all the religions have been a tremendous disadvantage to humanity because they have all discouraged you. An authentic religion should encourage you.

You are asking me, because you must be feeling inside that if you can say yes totally to this strange space that overwhelms you.. Why do you want to say yes to it? And why does there come only a big no?

The no is coming because everybody you talk to about it is going to tell you that this is a dangerous disease: “Pull yourself together, pull out of it.” It is the world around you that is making you afraid.

I would like to say to you that there is nothing to fear. You can say yes. You can allow existence whatever it wants to do with you. You can simply leave yourself in the hands of the unknown, and a miracle is waiting for you.

My daughter, Ma Shanti Mara, who is seven years old, asked me to translate her question to you because she does not speak English. Her question is: “Warum gibt es Gott?” - why is God? She is now at school and confronted with “religion,” and more and more the question was forming in her heart and head. Now she is beginning to realize that at home, sannyas is happening, and outside, something else. Would you please comment?

The question is significant. Children always - almost always - ask, “What is God? Where is God? How does he look?” These are simple curiosities. But Shanti has asked a rare question, very rarely asked: why is God? There is no question of what God is, there is no question of where he is, there is no question of how he looks.

Her question is more fundamental - “Why?”

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