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Chapter 10: Session 10

Angulimala looked amazed: Is this man insane? And Buddha continued walking towards Angulimala. Angulimala again shouted, “Stop! It seems you don’t know that I am a murderer, and I have taken a vow to kill one thousand people. Even my own mother has stopped seeing me, because only one person is missing.. I will kill you.but you look so beautiful that if you stop and turn back I may not kill you.”

Buddha said, “Forget about it. I have never turned back in my life, and as far as stopping is concerned, I stopped forty years ago; since then there is nobody left to move. And as far as killing me is concerned, you can do it anyway. Everything born is going to die.”

Angulimala saw the man, fell at his feet, and was transformed. Angulimala could not change Buddha, Buddha changed Angulimala. Magdalena the prostitute could not change Jesus, but Jesus changed the woman.

So what I said is only applicable to so-called ordinary humanity, it is not applicable to those who are awakened. Wittgenstein can become awakened; he could have become awakened even in this life. Alas, he associated with wrong company. But his book can be of great help to those who are really third-degree insane. If they can make any sense out of it, they will come back to sanity.

Fourth: Before I utter the name of the fourth, I feel tremendously thankful to existence.. Now I am going to talk about a man who was beyond numbers, Vimalkirti. The name of his book is Nirdesh Sutra. Our Vimalkirti was not the only Vimalkirti; in fact I had given him the name because of this Vimalkirti of whom I am going to talk to you. His statements are called Vimalkirti Nirdesh Sutra. Nirdesh Sutra means “guidelines.”

Vimalkirti was one of the most wonderful men; even a Buddha could be jealous of this man. He was a disciple of Buddha, but never became a disciple formally, he was never initiated by Buddha outwardly. And he was such a terrible man that all Buddha’s disciples were afraid of him. They never wanted him to become a disciple. Just to see him on the way, or to greet him, was enough for him to say something shocking. To shock was his method. Gurdjieff would have loved him - or who knows, even Gurdjieff may have been shocked. The man was really terrible, a real man.

It is said he was sick and Buddha asked Sariputta to go and see the old man and ask about his health. Sariputta said, “I have never said no to you, but this time I say it, and I say it emphatically: No! I don’t want to go. Send somebody else. That man is really terrible. Even on his deathbed he will create trouble for me. I don’t want to go.”

Buddha asked everybody, and nobody was ready to go except one man, Manjushree, the first of Buddha’s disciples to become enlightened. He went, and that is how this book came to be created. It is a dialogue. Our Vimalkirti was given the name because of this man. The original Vimalkirti was dying on his bed, and Manjushree was asking him questions, or rather answering his questions. That’s how the Vimalkirti Nirdesh Sutra was born - a really great work.

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