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Chapter 1: To Create a Few More Rainbows

I hate the word! I have been waiting for some Hindu idiot to come forward, but they think that it is something very dignified and I have no right to call myself Bhagwan. Today I say absolutely, “Yes, but I have every right to denounce the word.” Nobody can prevent me. I don’t want to be called Bhagwan again. Enough is enough! The joke is over!

But I accept the Japanese Zen prophetess. And from now onwards I am Gautama the Buddha. You can call me “The Beloved Friend.” Drop the word bhagwan completely. Even very intelligent people, people who respect me and love me..

Just the other day I received an appreciation of my book Zarathustra by an internationally famous journalist. He has praised it, and he has said that after Adi Shankara - the most famous Hindu philosopher - I am the second as far as intellectual, rational, spiritual authenticity is concerned.

But still he could not forget the word “bhagwan,” why I called myself Bhagwan. But does he know that he is comparing me with Adi Shankara who has been called for over a thousand years “Bhagwan Adi Shankara.” And nobody asks the question why.

Anybody would be happy to be compared with Adi Shankara, but I am not. It is not a compliment to me, because Shankara is the reason that Buddhism, which was a higher flowering, was destroyed - by Shankara and the Hindu priesthood. I cannot accept that Shankara has any genius. He is orthodox, just trying to protect the investment of the Hindu priesthood, which is the world’s worst, the ancientmost rotten priesthood.

I refuse to be compared with this man, particularly because he was the reason the roses were destroyed that Gautam Buddha had managed to grow in the soil of this land. In my eyes he is a criminal of the worst kind.

But as far as Gautama the Buddha is concerned, I welcome him in my very heart. I will give him my words, my silences, my meditations, my being, my wings. From today onwards you can look at me as Gautama the Buddha.

I will tell you about the Japanese Buddhist seeress - she has sent her picture:

“Katsue Ishida, mystic of one of the biggest and most famous Shinto shrines in Japan, stated recently after seeing Bhagwan’s picture, that: ‘This is the person that Maitreya the Buddha has entered. He is trying to create a utopia in the twenty-first century. Lots of destructive power is against him, and some people call him Satan. But I have never known Satan to be poisoned. He is usually the poisoner, not the poisoned. We must protect this man, Bhagwan. Buddha has entered him.’”

With great love and respect I accept Ishida’s prophecy. She will be welcome here as one of my people, most loved. And by accepting Gautama the Buddha as my very soul, I go out of the Hindu fold completely; I go against the Jaina fold completely.

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