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Chapter 20: The Esoteric Dimensions of Tantra

The third body of the man is again male and the fourth female; the third body of the woman is again female and the fourth male. Now in the union of the third and the fourth only the male will remain within the male; his third body will become prominent. Within the female the female will remain prominent. Then the two complete females will merge into one, because now there will be no boundary between the two to separate them. The male body is required to keep them apart. Similarly, between the two male bodies a female body is required to keep a distance between them.

When the female of the first and second bodies meets the female of the third and fourth bodies, at the very instant of meeting they will merge into one. Then the woman achieves perfect femininity in double measure. No greater womanhood than this is possible, because after this there is no further growth of femininity. This will be the perfect feminine state. This is the perfect woman who has no desire even to meet the perfect man.

In the first completion there was the enchantment of meeting a second complete person, and the meeting created more energy. Now that too is over. Now even meeting God will be meaningless in a sense. Within the man also both the males will merge into one. When the four bodies unite, what remains in the male is the male and what remains in the female is the female. From the fifth body onward there is no male and no female.

Therefore, the event that occurs in a man or a woman after the fourth plane will be different; it is bound to be. The experience is the same but their attitude towards it is different. The man will still be aggressive and the woman will still be surrendered. After attainment of the fourth body a woman lets go completely; not even one drop will be withheld in her surrender. This surrender, this letting go, will carry her on the journey toward the fifth plane where a woman is no longer a woman because in order to remain a woman it is necessary to hold something back.

In fact, we are what we are because we hold back a little of ourselves. If we were to let ourselves go completely we would become something we had never been before. But there is a holding back in one’s being all the time. If a woman gives in completely, even to an ordinary man, there will be a crystallization within her and she will go beyond the fourth body. This is why many women have crossed the fourth body through their love for very ordinary men.

The word sati has no other esoteric meaning. Sati does not mean a woman whose eyes do not fall on another man; sati means a woman who no longer has the female priciple left within her to look at another man.

If a woman becomes so completely surrendered in love to even an ordinary man, she does not have to go through this long journey. All her four bodies will combine and stand at the doorstep of the fifth. Therefore, it was the women who had been through this experience who said, “The husband is God.” This does not mean that they actually thought that the husband was God; it means that the doors of the fifth opened for them through the medium of the husband. There was no mistake in what they said, it was absolutely correct. What another meditator gains through great effort she obtains easily, through her love. The love for one person alone takes her to that state.

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