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Chapter 10: Come What May, Allow

Stop wavering, mad mind!
Come what may, allow it!
The sati is ready for the fire of death.

Dance in ecstasy, beyond all doubts.
Drop greed, attachment, fancies.
Do the brave fear death?
Does the sati cling to her body?

Society, scripture, family prestige -
the hangman’s noose at the neck.
Move on the path and return midway -
Ha! Ha! Everyone laughs.

This whole world’s so nasty.
Only he who prays is true.
Says Kabir: never abandon the name.
Fall down! Stand up! Fly high!

Certain things must be understood before we try to grasp what Kabir is saying. First, the mind is never sick nor is it ever healthy: the mind itself is sickness. It is never quiet and so it is meaningless to say that it is restless: restlessness is the mind. The mind can never become mad because only one who is not mad can become a lunatic: the mind itself is madness.

The mind will always remain unsteady, because unsteadiness is its nature. If a wave does not move, it will cease to be a wave. It is called a wave because it is moving, because it remains in motion. What would a silent wave be? The existence of the wave is in its motion, in its restlessness.

Never hope for your mind to be quiet; it does not know how to be at peace. As long as the mind is there, there is certain to be restlessness. When the mind is no more, what remains is peace. The absence of mind is peace - to be in no-mind is peace.

The mind will always be shaky, will always remain indecisive. If you wait for a decision by the mind - if you think, “I shall do this when the mind decides” - you will never be able to do anything. To remain in indecision is the way of the mind. It will always remain divided, broken into parts. Some parts will be for something and other parts will be against it. Within the mind there is always a civil war, there is always an internal conflict, there is always a duel going on.

What is this duality? It is important to understand its roots.

In you there are three things, three factors. One is your body. Your body is a fact; it has a material existence. And then there is the flow of consciousness within you. That is your atma, your soul. That is also a fact. Between these two is the mind. The mind is not a fact; it is a false thing.

It is a little bit body and a little bit soul - it is a situation created between the two. It cannot be total, it is always divided, always with one side or the other. And so it remains partly with the body and partly with the soul. It is created by the union of these two, and so it can never be totally with the body.

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