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Chapter 33: The Natural Man Needs No Morality

Although I am deeply satisfied and nourished by my ekdam Punjabi food, still from time to time I feel a strong pull towards other dishes, and enjoy Italian pizzas, French wine, or Japanese sushi. It’s not that I don’t want to eat out occasionally, but I’d like to feel it is in my hands whether I do or not, and not be a victim of this hormonal conspiracy. Beloved Master, can you please give me a clue how to go beyond these biological pulls?

Kamal, if one allows nature without any inhibitions to take its own course, one transcends biology, body, mind, without any effort. But we are full of inhibitions. Even the so-called young people, who think that they have disowned repressions, are in a very subtle way repressive. If you are repressive, then you cannot transcend biological pulls naturally, without any effort. So, the first thing to be remembered is that nature is right.

All old traditions have been telling you that nature is not right. You have to divide nature into right and wrong. But nature is indivisible. So while you are dividing it, you are simply making an impossible effort. The whole of nature has to be accepted with great joy and gratitude. Biology is not your bondage, but a certain stage of growth.

Life taken with insight and understanding helps you to go beyond itself without asking you for any discipline, any effort, any arduous conflict. We are children of nature. But all the religions have created one thing certainly: a divided mind, a schizophrenic man who is pulled in two directions. They have all given you moralities.

The natural man needs no morality. Easy is right. To be natural, to be spontaneous is right.and transcendence comes on its own. The people who are split against themselves - that biology is something to be transcended, that body is something to be fought, that mind is something to be dropped - anybody who is entangled in all these conflicts will never transcend.

One should go more easy. It is not a war field. Your life is an autonomous growth. The first need is of a total acceptance with no reluctance, no unwillingness, no subtle condemnation anywhere in your mind.

You are saying, “Although I am deeply satisfied and nourished by my ekdam Punjabi food..” His Punjabi food is Neelam. You say you are deeply satisfied; you don’t understand the nuances of being deeply satisfied. It becomes a kind of death. To be alive one needs a little discontent, a little restlessness. If you are deeply satisfied, from that deep satisfaction arises your desire to change your food once in a while.

Man is a creature of evolution and growth. Being deeply satisfied brings a full stop to your life.ekdam. Ekdam means: once for all, once for ever. Neelam has an individuality, a grace, a loving heart, and it is very easy to be satisfied with her - she is not a quarreling type, a fighting type. She herself is at ease, and anybody who loves her will find himself soon at ease. A harmony arises - but harmony on the one hand is beautiful, and on the other hand is boring.

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