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Chapter 29: I Am Crazy, but You Are Crazier!

Mahavira and Buddha did not create any alternative society. They were part of this society, they remained dependent on this society. Their revolution was intellectual, verbal. My revolt was actual and existential.

And the destruction of the commune in America does not mean that the idea of the commune will disappear. There are still communes around the world flourishing in many countries. More and more communes will be coming up.

America is going to repent; it has missed an opportunity. It could have supported the commune and made it clear to the world that it stands for freedom, that it stands for a new man, that it stands for a future humanity. It missed a great opportunity. By destroying the commune, it has destroyed its own credibility, its own democracy. It has proved itself simply nothing but a hypocritical society.

The most powerful experience in my life is the love that I feel for you. It’s like a shower that cleanses my soul and fills my heart with gratitude.
But still I keep searching for something else, as if there is a secret you haven’t shared with me yet. Is this crazy love affair between us really and truly all that is needed? Why am I not satisfied with this experience?

Love can never be satisfied. If it is satisfied, it is not much of a love. The greater and deeper it is, the more dissatisfaction there will be. That is not against love; it simply shows the vastness, that your heart wants to love in a way, which is infinite, that it will never be satisfied. And it is good that it is not satisfied. The moment it is satisfied, it is dead.

The love between the master and the disciple can never be satisfied. It will always remain a thrill, a new excitement, a new ecstasy. It will always go on opening doors upon doors. Disciplehood will become devotion; one day devotion will become a merger, just as the river merges in the ocean. But that too is not going to satisfy.

Satisfaction is not a great quality. It belongs to the little minds, to the little hearts which are satisfied with small things. There are people who are satisfied with a little money, there are people who are satisfied with a house, there are people who are satisfied with a little name, a little fame - these are pygmies.

Giants are never satisfied. On every new step they find the journey is becoming deeper, more miraculous, more mysterious - and the longing is growing and the heart is full of a sweet ache. To be in a love affair with a master is to be in a love affair with existence itself; the master is only an arrow pointing towards the unknowable, the miraculous, the mysterious. The master is not the end; the master is only the beginning.