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Chapter 4: In Your Eyes Is the Hope of the World

After three days I told Neelam, who was working from Bombay as my secretary, to ask Govind Siddharth to transfer the money to one of the trusts, because I was going to move to Pune and tremendous forces were going to gather there. In three days his greed took over his great desire to work for me. He said, “Thirty-three lakhs is too much. I can only afford three lakhs.”

Neelam told me that in just three days he has reduced it from thirty-three lakhs to three lakhs. I said, “Don’t be worried. Just go and get the three lakhs.” And when she reached him Govind Siddharth said, “It is very difficult. My whole family is involved in it” - I had asked him that before, and he had denied it. And I know for sure that the money has nothing to do with his family.

Neelam was shocked. She came running to me and said, “It is unbelievable that a man can turn about like this.” I said, “Forget about that. You have another account of three lakh rupees, which has been donated from simple and loving people from all over the country. It is in your name and Govind Siddharth’s name. It is not his money; please just take that money out of his hands.”

She said, “Do you think he will change his mind about that money also, which is not his?” I said, “Man’s blindness, his unconscious greed is vast enough. You just go, and be quick!”

And Govind Siddharth started playing games, saying, “I cannot allow you to take all of the three lakhs, because while Bhagwan was not here I gave thirty-five thousand rupees for his work to the Bombay center. I will have to deduct that much money.”

I told Neelam, “Let him deduct it, if thirty-five thousand can satisfy him” - which was not his money! Then too, it took almost one month to get the money out, leaving behind the thirty-five thousand without any reason except that his signature was needed. This money was paid for his signature.

And now I don’t see him here. Perhaps he is afraid to look into my eyes, straight. I will not ask him about the money. I have never asked anybody about money, but I will for certain, absolutely for certain, look straight into his eyes. What kind of greed.!

And it is not that he has not loved me, but an unconscious love is a blind love. It is only a superficial hypocrisy, of which you are not aware.

Whatever I am imparting to you, please don’t do the same as has been done down the ages by millions of people, misunderstanding or trying to manipulate things according to their own vested interest.

These sutras I am telling you just to remind you that if other people, simple and ordinary, were capable of becoming buddhas, it will be a shame if you die before you become a buddha. Let us make a deep commitment - not to anybody, but to yourself - that you are going to invest every breath for the ultimate purpose of being an eternal light, a lotus in full bloom. Without being a buddha you don’t have any meaning in your life.

Maneesha has brought this anecdote:

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