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Chapter 4: Above All, the Truth of Man - Beyond That, Nothing

An unclean unconscious is hindering you. Clean it; and the way to clean it is to satisfy it, to satisfy it so much that it starts telling you, “Please stop! It is more than I needed.” Only leave it then. And with that, your intellect is filled with such a fresh flow of energy that it turns into intelligence. Then the energy goes on rising and opens the doors of intuition. Then you can see things which are not visible to your physical eyes, things which are not even things.

Love is not a thing, truth is not a thing, trust is not a thing, but they are realities - much more real than your things. But they are realities only for intuition, they are existential. And once your intuition starts functioning, you are for the first time really a man.

With the unconscious you are animal.

With the conscious you are no longer animal.

With the super-conscious you are man.

I love to quote a Baul mystic, Chandidas, because that man, in a simple statement, has condensed my whole religion: Sabar upar manus satya; tahar upar nahin. “Above all is the truth of man, and above that there is nothing.”

This man, Chandidas, must have been an authentically religious man. He is denying God, he is denying anything above human flowering: Sabar upar ‘above all, above everything’; Manus satya ‘the truth of man’; Tahar upar nahin ‘and beyond that I have traveled long - there is nothing.’

Once you have reached to your human potential in its total flowering, you have arrived home.