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Chapter 12: Transforming Sexual Energy

The other side is that if, after seventy-five years of age, anyone wants to choose euthanasia, we should make it legally acceptable. In every hospital there should be a temple-like place where anyone who is over seventy-five and who decides that they have lived fully, have known everything there is to be known, have experienced all there is to be experienced, and that now life is only a burden and they want to vacate their place for a younger person. And it is not that they are committing suicide out of any anger, any defeat or frustration, but rather as the result of reflection and thought. Then they should be provided with all that they may not have had even during their lifetime. They should be given the best facilities: so that they can listen to the most beautiful music, they can meet their friends, their near and dear ones, and they can be given the kind of drug where they slowly pass through the depths of sleep, descending into death. Along with this something like that of a meditation process can be given so that death is not merely death but becomes samadhi, a state of self-realization.

So on the one hand we should stop children from being born, and on the other, for those who are simply dragging themselves around because it is a legal compulsion to live and so they have to live, every one of them should be given their birthright: to leave life. If we start pruning from both these ends, then it is possible that by the end of this century our population will have become balanced. And with the population becoming balanced, there will be no difficulty in destroying poverty.

In July when you were in America, you said in the discourses that no children should be born in India for several years. I said this to many people after coming back to India. Different people reacted differently, but most of the women said: “How then to satisfy the instinct of motherhood that is there in every woman?” Several said, “A woman cannot be fulfilled until she becomes a mother.” Osho, could you say something about this?

The first thing: How many women in India have attained to fulfillment? Every woman is a mother to one to one and a half dozen children - where is the fulfillment? These children have consumed her whole life; fulfillment is nowhere to be seen.

The second thing: “A woman attains to motherhood by becoming a mother.” This is not true. Almost every woman gives birth to children, becomes a mother, but no dignity, no splendor, no luster of motherhood is anywhere to be seen. Hence, my definition is different. In my definition, it is not necessary to become a mother to know motherhood.

All female animals become mothers. In the whole of nature, wherever there is a female, there is a mother. But where is motherhood? Don’t take motherhood and mother to be synonymous. It is possible that someone is not a mother and yet experiences motherhood, and it is possible someone is a mother and does not experience motherhood.

Motherhood is an altogether different thing. It is the dignity of love.

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