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Chapter 7: Translucent Darkness

“All the names of God.we are praising and affirming all those things too. We affirm that God is the Father, we affirm that Jesus is the Son, and we affirm also that Jesus is above all creation.”

Now this he must be doing just to satisfy the stupid Church, the stupid theologians. Otherwise how can he say that anybody is above all creation? Even God is not above all creation. God is creativity - how can Jesus be above creation? And if Jesus is above creation, then why not Dionysius, then why not Buddha, then why not Krishna, then why not Lao Tzu? Then every enlightened person is above creation. And then why should the unenlightened ones be under creation, not above creation? - because they also have the potential of becoming enlightened.

This he says only to satisfy the fools, but this is not his real approach. He has said clearly that the best way to describe God is that of

.the art of those who hew out a lifelike image (from stone), removing from around it all which impedes clear vision of the latent form, showing its true and hidden beauty solely by taking away.

Negation, he says, is the way, not attributing positive qualities to God. The moment you attribute positive qualities to God you create belief in people, worship in people; you create churches and temples. You don’t create religiousness; you create only pseudo religion.

When you take away all qualities from God, when God is just a pure nothingness, then only will those who are really interested in knowing the truth become interested in him. Those who are ready to lose themselves, those who are ready to drown themselves, to surrender themselves, those who are ready to die and be reborn into that nothingness - only those few people will be interested, and they are the only religious people in the world.

My sannyasins have to be religious in this sense.

Enough for today.