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Chapter 21: Make It Clear to the World

A false principle of celibacy creates guilt. The guilty person feels burdened, he needs to be unburdened, and if God can help, if the Holy Bible can help, if the priest can help. He is willing to accept all of them because the feeling of guilt is tremendously painful. You fall down in your own eyes. You lose all respect for yourself.

So it was easy for them to impose any fictitious ideas, and the guilty person cannot ask a question, because he is afraid if he asks questions and does not have faith, what is going to happen to his guilt, which he is accumulating every day, which is becoming bigger and bigger, a Himalayan load on his soul? He is ready to accept anything to get rid of this burden.

So it was easy for the priests, for the religious leaders, to impose ideas of God, heaven, and hell, or anything. Different religions have used different things, but the basic secret is the same.

Because he cannot follow celibacy he will become perverted. And to make man perverted means you have made him destroy his own individuality, freedom, his basic right to be proud of himself as a living, conscious being. Perverted, you have driven him into dark holes which lead nowhere. Every perversion leads to another perversion, because no perversion can be satisfying.

Natural sex can be satisfying, but perverted sex is unable to satisfy because nature has no provision for it. You can eat through your mouth - nature has made that provision - but if you start eating through your nose, then of course there will be difficulties. Nature has not made your teeth in your nose. Nature has no idea what kind of pervert you are going to be.

So no perversion is ever able to satisfy. Each perversion leads into another perversion; perhaps if this is not satisfying, the other one may be. And you go on farther and farther away from your natural instinct, which is the only place where you can get satisfaction, where you can relax and you can lose the tenseness of your being. But that is prohibited by your religion as sin.

This is a very cunning strategy. That’s why when I say all these people have committed crimes against humanity, people get shocked because they don’t understand what I mean about what these people have done. They have sown the seeds of all kinds of psychological diseases.

They have sown the seeds for poverty to remain in the world. They have consoled the poor. They have not allowed humanity to explore the material resources which are made available by life. Naturally, people have remained poor. For centuries how many million people have died, just because there was no food, no water? It is really a shame upon us all that it has been allowed, and it is being allowed still. Still nobody is raising his hand against these criminals who go on preaching against birth control, abortion.

They are respected people, they are doing great service to life. That’s how they present the case. “Abortion is killing life” - but for abortion they are responsible because they prevented the pill. You did not allow people to use the birth control methods. Now the child is there, and the only possibility is either to abort the child or to have the child.

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