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Chapter 6: Herald a New Dawn

The politicians have brought the nations into a state of continuous war - sometimes cold, sometimes hot but the war continues; and scientists have provided the means to destroy this earth at least seven hundred times. That calculation of seven hundred times is almost ten years old. Within these ten years, they must have become able to destroy the earth at least seven thousand times - so many nuclear weapons!

It is a strange combination: philosophers giving the idea of suicide as the only way out of this mess, and politicians creating communism, democracy, socialism, fascism, all kinds of ideologies - not for man, but man is there to be sacrificed for these ideologies. And the scientists have created the right weapons in the right time, so that at any moment all of life on this planet can disappear.

I don’t think it is going to happen, although preparations are complete - more than complete. It is not going to happen because life has an intrinsic longing to live forever, to love forever; it is not desirous of death. Hence the guarantee of a new man, a rebellious man who will destroy all that which has been bringing man close to ultimate death.

The obstacles are great, but those obstacles also have a positive side. Because they are bringing death to humanity, humanity is bound to search for a way to survive. A great rebelliousness is being born against nations, religions and stupid philosophies like existentialism; against a destructive science and technology, against politicians and religious leaders who are dividing humanity and discriminating between people for no reason at all.

The new man has every chance to be the savior. Jesus is not going to come to save humanity, neither will Gautam Buddha, nor Krishna. But a rebellious youth around the world is going to be the savior. I trust in the young people; I trust in their longing for love, I trust in their longing for life, I trust in their longing for singing and dancing and playing music. I don’t see that they are ready to die.

If the old people decide to die, they can commit suicide - nobody is preventing them. If the politicians are so much interested in dying, they can jump into the ocean. But they have no right to destroy those who have not even tasted the joys of life, who have not even breathed the fragrance of existence, who have not even seen the beauty of flowers and stars, the sun and the moon. There are so many who have not yet known themselves, who have not yet been travelers of their own interiority, who are absolutely unacquainted with their own subjectivity, with their own treasures.

No! The young people of the world, whatever their age.and anybody who loves life is young - even on his deathbed if he loves life he is young. All those who are lovers of life are going to create the right atmosphere to welcome the rebellious spirit of man, because there is no other alternative.

My certainty about the rebel as the savior of man and this planet is absolute - categorically absolute. The rebel just has to be unafraid of public opinion, unafraid of the crowd, unafraid of masks, attitudes.

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