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Chapter 2: A Pilgrimage to Your Own Being

But that which is within you is beyond mind’s reach. You will have to leave the mind, and move above and away. The moment you become only a witness, watching the mind as something outside you, you have come home. But the man who took the notes and the man who translated them into English.perhaps neither had experience of meditation. They go on repeating the word mind where only no-mind is ever possible.

Buddhas don’t save buddhas.

Now this I can say must have come from Bodhidharma. This is such a tremendously meaningful statement, and so outrageous that it is beyond the capacity of the poor disciple, who cannot even understand it. He has simply written it, he must have heard it. Perhaps Bodhidharma was again and again repeating it. This is one of the most essential teachings of Gautam Buddha, that nobody can save you.

Jesus says, “I am the savior.” If you compare Jesus and Bodhidharma, you will be in for a great surprise. Jesus says, “You are the sheep, I am the shepherd and if you get lost, I will find you.” And it looks, for those who don’t understand, to be a great compassionate ideology. Jesus seems to be of great compassion, love, kindness. In fact Christians say that he sacrificed himself to save humanity, but nobody asks why humanity is not saved. The poor fellow died unnecessarily.

I have always been wondering.. I have been listening to Christians, and without feeling any embarrassment they go on saying that Jesus gave up his life to save humanity. I used to be very friendly with a preacher, Stanley Jones, who was a renowned Christian missionary and had a very philosophical bent of mind. Whenever he used to come into the city where I was, I always used to go to listen to him. One day it was too much; he was continuously repeating that “Jesus is the only savior.”

I had to stand up. I said, “It is not my business, I am not a Christian and in fact, I should not create any disturbance in the church; I don’t belong to the congregation. But you are repeating such nonsense. You go on saying that he saved humanity by giving up his life on the cross. But I don’t see humanity saved anywhere. He could not even save himself.”

But all the religions born outside India have the idea of the savior. Mohammedanism, Judaism, Christianity - three religions are born outside India and all three have the idea of the savior. In India there are four religions: Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism. Jainism and Buddhism are the only two religions which simply deny the very concept of saving anybody, because they say - and I agree with their concept - that it is condemnatory, it is humiliating. The very idea that “I will save you” makes me higher than you, and holier than you. I become special. I am the only begotten son of God, or I am the only prophet of God, or the only messenger of God, and you are just ordinary human beings.

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