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Chapter 18: The Art of Living

The very question of how one is to choose who is the right savior is basically wrong. If you understand me, you are the only savior for yourself. There is no question of choice. Whenever you will choose, you will choose something wrong. Choice is wrong, so it doesn’t matter whom you are going to choose.

You are always asking which prison to choose. This is painted white, this is painted blue, this is painted green.which prison to choose? But can’t you choose freedom? Have you decided to remain a slave forever, a prisoner?

And I can see the cunning mind. You are only asking about other religions, not mentioning your own religion. All the religions are criminals, more or less. There may be a difference of degrees, but they are criminals, for the simple reason that they have been promising you something which they cannot deliver. Otherwise, the whole world would have been saved long ago. So many saviors have been around, and I simply wonder how you escaped from being saved!

Every religion has saviors, prophets, gods, and the followers are in the same misery. Misery is neither Mohammedan nor Christian, nor Hindu nor Buddhist. Misery is simply misery. And everybody in the world is in misery, in suffering, in anguish. They have believed for thousands of years, but their belief has not helped at all.

It is time enough. You have to declare a certain maturity, and you have to say to these saviors and these prophets and their representatives, “Enough is enough. Now close the doors of all your shops. We are not interested in being saved, we are interested in being totally alive.” It is total living that is going to save you, and all these religions have been cutting your life: this is wrong, that is wrong.making your life more miserable, making your life nothing but a guilt, full of wounds.

Naturally, when you are guilty, you go to the church, you go to the mosque, you go to the synagogue; you ask the priest, you ask the minister, you ask the rabbi to help you, because in your deep darkness - which they are responsible for creating - you are so helpless, you need somebody to protect you, somebody to help you, somebody to show you the light. You are in such a desperate need that you don’t ever think whether the priest knows anything more than you, or that he is just a paid servant.

It happened in Ramakrishna’s life..

One sudra woman - sudras are the lowest caste of Hindus, reduced almost to inhuman beings. Cows are more respected, and human beings are not even that much respected. The woman was a queen, but she was a sudra. She had enough money. She could not go to any temple, although she was the queen. And the story is not very old, just one hundred years old.

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