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Chapter 3: First Be Reconciled

An immensely beautiful anecdote:

Jesus was on the cross and below St. Patrick was praying for his soul, as soon his master would die.

Jesus called down to St. Patrick, “Patrick, come up here. There is something I must tell you.”

Patrick, not looking up, replied “Lord, to be sure oi cannot for oi am praying fer yer soul, that oi am.”

Jesus then calls - a little louder, with a hint of urgency.

“Patrick, for Christ’s sake stop this nonsense and come up, it is very important what I must tell you.”

“Lord, oi cannot. Have not oi told you oi’m prayin’ fer yer soul, bejabbers!”

Jesus again, almost shouting “Patrick, for the last time I say, come up here! It is of utmost urgency, you cannot afford to miss!”

Patrick reluctantly relents, and saying under his breath, “Goddammit! This man is a fool! Asking me to go up there when oi am busy praying for his soul!” goes off to fetch a ladder. He puts up the ladder against the cross and with slow, deliberate reluctance climbs rung after rung till he reaches the top. “Well, master, here oi am. Now will yer tell me what it is that you brought me all the way up here for?”

“Look, Patrick” Jesus says “over beyond those trees you can see our house.”

Jesus, dying on the Cross.and he says “Look beyond those trees. Can you see our house?” He was immensely in love with this earth. That is the only way to be in love with God; there is no other way.

If you deny existence, you are intrinsically denying God. If you say no to life, you have said no to God, because it is God’s life. And always remember God has no lips of his own; he kisses you through somebody else’s lips. He has no hands of his own; he embraces you through somebody else’s hands. He has no eyes of his own, because all eyes are his; he looks at you through somebody’s eyes. He sees you through somebody’s eyes and he is seen by your eyes, and he goes on seeing through your eyes too.

Quakers rightly say that God has nothing else but you; only you - that’s what God has. This insight has to penetrate deeply, only then will you be able to understand the sayings of Jesus; otherwise you will miss - as Christians have been missing down the ages. Let this become the very foundation stone: that life is God. And then things will become very very simple. then you will have the right perspective. Say “yes,” and suddenly you feel a kind of prayer arising in you.

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