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Chapter 6: The One, Indivisible

Science, which divides everything, also becomes more and more divided itself. This is why there is no communication among scientists. There is so much specialization that one scientist cannot understand another scientist. Science is now afraid of the future possibility that one branch of science will be just a stranger to another branch. It will create many difficulties.

This happened during the last world war when the atom bomb was being tested: physicists said that there was no danger because they did not know biology, and biologists were not consulted. When the atom bombs were to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the physicists were consulted because they had made the bombs, but the biologists were not consulted about the effects that the explosion would have on life. Later on they realized that the effects were fatal and long-lasting. The embryos of the women who were pregnant and survived were affected by radioactivity. Now, for thousands of years, their children and even their children’s children will be diseased and crippled.

Where the atom bomb was dropped, all human beings died, but the fallout that was generated by the explosion was full of radioactivity and spread all around. It mixed with the water in the sea and poisoned the fish. Now there was no way of treating those fish and the radioactivity entered into the bones and blood of anyone who ate the fish. The fertilizers that were made from those fish affected the trees and they also became poisonous. A whole chain-reaction began, and now scientists say that there is no way to check it. The connectedness of life is so vast that radioactivity has affected every type of life. The physicists thought that the effects would be limited only to one region, but the whole world is so interconnected that you cannot imagine how the effects will go on spreading. It affected cows’ milk - and the children who drank that milk. Even the small calves of cows were poisoned by the radioactivity. It was realized too late that the biologists should have been consulted about what would be the effects on life.

This is why there is a new ecological movement spreading in the West. They say that whatever has to be done should be done only after consulting with all branches of knowledge because life is so interconnected. Science has been divided into many branches, but life is still undivided. Life is one unity. Here, even small things will create problems.

For example, now man has reached the moon. Prior to that the scientist preparing the astronauts consulted with the space travel scientists - but life is so vast that no science can cover it all. After all the arrangements were made one thing came to their notice only later on: when rockets travel to the moon they make big holes in the ozone layer. This ozone layer surrounds the Earth’s atmosphere, which is about two hundred miles in depth all around the Earth. Because of this atmospheric protection not only do we breathe safely, but there are many poisonous rays beyond the ozone layer which cannot penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. We are alive because of this ozone layer. This layer prevents all the poisonous rays from coming to the Earth from the sun and the moon and the stars and from space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. If all the rays were to penetrate we would all be dead instantly.

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