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Chapter 10: Beyond Cause and Effect

The first question:

Yesterday you said that sudden enlightenment is not bound by the law of cause and effect. But if nothing is haphazard in existence - that nothing happens accidentally - then how can the highest experience like enlightenment happen this way?

It is true that in existence nothing happens without cause, but existence itself is uncaused. Existence has no cause - enlightenment means existence. Everything else happens, existence does not happen - it is. There has never been a moment when it was not, there will never be a moment when it will not be. Everything else happens: man happens, trees happen, birds and animals happen. Existence is not a happening, existence is. Enlightenment is not a happening, if it were so and it happened uncaused, then it would be an accident. Enlightenment does not happen, because enlightenment is your nature; you are enlightenment. This is why it can happen suddenly, and it happens without cause.

You have asked, “.how can the highest experience like enlightenment happen this way?” Because it is the highest. Everything lower occurs by causation. If samadhi occurs by causation like other things, then it becomes lower and ordinary. Heat water to one hundred degrees and it becomes steam: similarly, if you do one hundred degrees of ascetic practice and samadhi occurs, then it would be captured in a scientific laboratory and very soon there would not be any way to save religion.because whatever happens with a cause comes into the grasp of science. Whatever has a cause will fall within the limits of science.

Religion remains religion because enlightenment is uncaused. Science will never be able to contain it. Whatever is caused will eventually become science. Only one thing will remain that can never become science, that is existence itself, because existence is uncaused, it simply is. Science has no explanation for it. How can there be a cause for this vastness, for the whole? - because everything that is, is included in it, there is nothing outside of it.

This is why samadhi does not happen through the law of cause and effect - because it is not limited, it is vast.

You have asked, “.the highest experience like enlightenment..” It is the highest precisely because it does not depend on your limited law of cause and effect: do this many virtuous acts and samadhi will happen; give that much charity and samadhi will happen; renounce so much and samadhi will happen. Then samadhi would follow your calculations, would come into the account books; it would not keep its height. It happens uncaused.

This is why the devotees say it happens as grace. It does not happen through your making it happen. It showers on you - suddenly, as a gift, as grace.

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