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Chapter 30: The Greatest Synthesis Ever

What is your vision of a World Academy of Sciences for Creativity?

Amrito, the world has come so close to a point of crisis that the so-called thinkers of the world simply avoid talking about the coming suicide. It is not far away; by the end of the century, if we do not do anything.This has been the habit of all good people of the world - not to do anything, while the criminals and the evil continue to do all their crimes. This habit has to be broken at least this once.

You have raised a question which has tremendous importance and I would like to go deeper into detail about it.

Science is a new phenomenon compared to religion. Religion has dominated the world in some form or other as far back as we can see. Science has a history of only three hundred years. This background has to be understood; only then can the problem be seen in the right perspective.

These three hundred years, science has had to fight inch by inch against the deeply rooted religions, which were vast empires of power, vested interest. On the smallest things science was in difficulty: if it went against religions, then science was so young that it was not possible for it to fight.

I am reminded of Galileo, himself a Christian, not an atheist. But because he discovered that it is not the sun that goes around the earth, but just the contrary, it is the earth that goes around the sun - and this statement is against the Bible - Galileo was condemned. In his old age, sick, almost dying, he was forced to the court of the Christian pope.

The pope said, “Do you think you know more than God? God has written the Bible and he says that the sun goes around the earth. You are making a statement which is dangerous to our whole structure.”

Galileo asked, “What is the danger?”

The pope said, “The danger is obvious. If God can commit a mistake about his own creation, then what guarantee is there.should he be taken for granted as right about other things? Your statement creates doubt. You have to cancel that statement; otherwise death will be the only penalty.”

Galileo was certainly a man of great humor. He said, “There is no problem, I can change the statement - and I am not in a state to fight against the idea that God has written the Bible. But remember, even if I change my statement, neither is the sun going to listen to me, nor the earth. The earth will still go around the sun.”

On such small matters science was continuously struggling against religion. That created a rift for which religions are solely responsible. But the rift had its own repercussions. Seeing the situation, science started moving more and more towards politics.

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