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Chapter 4: The Four States of Existence

That is why he has said:.the sun and the other gods. Everything else is secondary, the sun is the chief god. The sun means life.

You are breathing, your blood is warm, and your heart is beating.the sun has made a contribution to it. If the sun is extinguished, we will never know when it was extinguished because with the sun we will also be extinguished. No one will remain alive to write the history - that the sun was extinguished on such and such a date - because with the cooling down of the sun, we will also be finished, immediately.

Therefore, the sun has always been accepted as the center - but why has it been called divine? Science does not call it divine. And the scientists are surprised: “Why this pantheism.why is it necessary to see divinity in everything? The sun is the sun, what need is there to see something divine in it?” But Indian seers understand it differently.

This is the way of Indian seers - to feel grateful to that which gives us anything, because the individual soul does not evolve in the absence of gratitude. All that is sublime in man grows with this feeling of gratitude. The more you feel grateful, the more your soul grows.

So when we say the sun is just the sun, it is right.but there is no feeling of gratitude in this statement. It does not appear that we get anything from the sun; it does not appear that we are a part of it, are reliant on it; it does not appear to have anything to do with our heartbeats; it does not appear that we are extensions of it. Yet, although we are about one hundred million miles away, we are the very rays of the sun. It is the sun that is pulsating within us, it is the sun that is living within us. It is the warmth of the sun, it is the heat of the sun.

With science no relationship is created with the sun. But this is sheer lack of understanding, because if we do not feel grateful to our life-giver, the higher within us cannot grow.

The feeling of gratitude is a basic quality of a religious mind. It is through this feeling of gratitude that one receives the divine grace. So when some people, full of awe, bowed down to the sun with folded hands, there was more to it than just the fact that it is an enormous fireball. These people had begun to recognize and knew the truth well.that bowing down gives nothing to the sun, but he who is bowing down receives much. As the sensitivity of gratitude is born it creates simplicity, and the mind becomes innocent.

And this does not only apply to the sun, it is a far greater phenomenon. Hence, those who bowed down to the sun also bowed down to the rivers and the trees.

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