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Chapter 17: Love Is a Very Unscientific Idea

And out of three hundred and fifty books, that is the only one in which I talk about sex and its transformation. What about the three hundred and forty-nine books in which I have talked about every possible problem of human growth? Nobody bothers about all those books because nobody is concerned with human growth. Everybody is concerned that man should remain retarded.

The more retarded humanity is, the more it is in the hands of the politicians, in the hands of the priests, in the hands of all kinds of vested interests. Who is interested in transforming man? They want you to be completely blind and deaf. They want you to be just a robot: efficient, not creating any trouble - no strike, no protest, no revolution, no rebellion - just a robot who is always ready to say “Yes, sir.”

The question is significant: why has it happened that there was a time, five thousand years ago in the East, when science reached to its highest peaks - then what happened? Why in the East was that whole project dropped?

When, in the East, science was at its peak the West was just barbarous. Even today Ashoka’s pillar which was made to honor Gautam Buddha.. It was made two thousand years ago, and scientists have not been able to find how it was made, because to make that high a pillar of solid metal.. It has been standing in the rain - for two thousand years - in the summer, in the winter - and has not gathered any trace of the years: it is without any stain. Stainless steel is a modern phenomenon; it was not possible then - but the pillar is there.

In Egypt, the pyramids have such huge stones on the top that we don’t have cranes even today to take all those huge stones to that height. And they were put there three thousand years ago. Something must have existed, something better than our cranes.

Five thousand years ago, in India, there happened a war which must have been something like the third world war, if it happens. Millions of people died and the weapons that were used - their description is clear-cut in the scriptures - seem to be nuclear. They were not ordinary weapons.

What happened to this science? Why has it simply disappeared?

In Mexico there are triangles made on the earth so big, so vast, that you cannot see them. Wherever you are standing you will see only one line. If you are standing at the corner you will see two lines meeting, but you cannot see the whole triangle. The only way to see the whole triangle is from an airplane, there is no other way. Every way has been tried to see them but the only way is from an airplane. You cannot see it unless you are flying over it, it is so huge. It is geometrically accurate - and it is almost four thousand years old!

Why did the people create that? For what purpose? It cannot be of any use to “primitive” people - a triangle so vast and so accurate - unless it was a signal to flying machines, just the way you have lights and signals for airplanes in our airport. And just by the side of these triangles.. These triangles have been found in many places, not in just one; one may have been accidental, may have been natural, but in many places.. Just by the side of the triangle there is the runway. A runway for what purpose?

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