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Chapter 10: Old Habits Die Hard

Just one thousand years ago there was only one science. That’s why in old, ancient universities like Oxford the department of science is still called the department of natural philosophy. There was only one science, the philosophy of nature; that’s why it is still a hangover. You may get a doctorate in psychology, but you are still called a PhD - PhD means a doctor of philosophy. You may get your doctorate in chemistry and still you are called a PhD - a hangover. You have nothing to do with philosophy, but in those days that was the only science: philosophy.

Then in these one thousand years science became divided again and again and again. Chemistry became a separate science, physics became a separate science. Then pure physics became a science separate from practical physics; organic chemistry became a science separate from inorganic chemistry. Now there are even more chemistries - biochemistry.and soon there will be more divisions. There are almost three hundred sciences available today. Just within one thousand years one science has become divided into three hundred sciences.

The whole process of science is knowing more and more about less and less. Science is an expertise, and the expert has to know more and more about less and less.

Just twenty years ago you used to go to the physician, to the doctor, and that was enough; now it is no more enough. You go to the physician; he suggests that you consult a few experts because he cannot say anything about your eyes. Twenty years ago he would have done everything for you; your eyes, your nose, your ears.your whole body was his domain. It is no more so. If your eyes are hurting he will send you to the eye specialist.

And I have heard that in the twenty-first century a man goes to an eye expert, and just before the expert is going to examine the eye of the man he asks, “Which eye is hurting?”

And the man says, “The right eye.”

He says, “Sorry, then you have to go to another expert because I cannot say anything about it. I only have expertise in left eyes.”

And don’t laugh because even a single eye is a universe unto itself. Even to understand a single eye, left or right, is enough work for your whole life. In fact, there is not a single person in the world who can say he has read everything written about the eye. So much research has gone into everything about it that there are experts and experts; you have to go to many experts.

And a great problem has arisen: there is no one to look at you as an organic unity. Somebody treats your eye; he does not know anything about your heart. Somebody else treats your heart; he knows nothing about your stomach. Somebody else treats your stomach. You are being treated in parts and nobody knows about the whole unity of your body - what to say about the whole unity of existence?

Hence, experts are creating great confusion. The eye expert may do something which goes against the heart or goes against the brain. The brain expert may do something which goes against the eye or against the nose. The heart specialist may do something which goes against the stomach or the kidney, and so on and so forth.

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