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Chapter 18: A Good Laugh Is the Greatest Prayer

Even the leaves have an aura of their own. And that aura makes such a difference. If a man has grace he will have a tremendously beautiful aura, so stunning to the eyes that you will forget about his physical body whether it was beautiful or not.

Christians have not been able to explain the inscription and the discrepancy with the gospels because they don’t seem to understand the law of grace. Kirlian is the first man as far as science is concerned who has changed the whole approach. He takes photographs of the aura; his photographs are not only of you, but the subtle light that is radiating from you. There are people who have almost no aura. Their bodies may be beautiful but their personalities will be ugly. Their intentions and ambitions and their desires will be of a very low character.

Kirlian has photographed people - simple people, innocent people, gardeners, farmers, fishermen - with no desire to become the president of a country, no desire to become a prime minister, not even in dreams. It is enough for them if they can survive. They have nothing, but still in the evening they will play on their flutes, they will dance, they will sing. They have beautiful auras in the photographs of Kirlian. He has opened doors of a new dimension which has not been much taken care of because it is of no use for warmongers.

As your death approaches your aura starts shrinking. It means your life is gathering itself at the center from where it can leave condensed - the way you close your shop.

He has been puzzled by many things. For example: you have five fingers on the hand and even if one finger is cut off in an accident, in a Kirlian photograph there are still five fingers. The one that is no longer there still shows its aura; the aura is still there even though the physical part is gone. There will be a difference, because the physical fingers which are still there will show a substance in the middle of the aura. But that one finger which is missing will show simply a photograph of the aura; there will be no inner substance. It is nonsubstantial, but still the aura is there.

Working deeply on it, he has given such a great contribution to medical science, but nobody seems to use it. No government is interested in life; all governments are in the service of death. Seventy-five percent of national incomes are wasted on the armies and arms. People are living only on twenty-five percent of all income.

Just the other day I was reading a calculation of a scientist who says this is the highest peak of production in the world ever. We can feed more people than there are on the earth. There is no need for anybody to die through starvation. Science has provided every possible technology, but no politician, no political party is interested in it; no government is interested in it. Their interest seems to be very insane.

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