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Chapter 8: Realize the Fruits

So through the mind you will never be able to know. Yes, you will be able to know the world - the world in fact will be known only through the mind - but not the truth. And whatsoever is known through the mind will be changing every moment. This is why science is never stable. Science will never be stable, science will never be able to say that such and such truth is permanent. Science will only be able to say, “Tentatively, temporarily, out of all that we know so far, this is the truth. What will be the outcome of what we will know tomorrow cannot yet be said.” Science is changing every day. All that was true yesterday becomes false today.

The difficulty now is such that whatever science teaches in the schools and the colleges, most of it has already become ‘almost false’, because it takes about twenty years to bring down new discoveries to the level of the schools. During these twenty years it has become untrue. Today no big books can be written on science because, if someone is writing a one-thousand-page book, by the time it is written, printed and published, many things will have been proved to be wrong. So science is gradually coming down to smaller books. Actually even small books are not being written, only small essays and articles, because they can be written immediately and there is no fear of their being outdated by the time they are published.

Science is bound to change, because nothing that is discovered through mind can be eternal. So the thinkers in the West find it difficult to understand how something that was said by Mahavira two thousand five hundred years ago, or something that was said by the seers of the Upanishads five thousand years ago, is still true. Five thousand years! When even things said only five years ago have become outdated and untrue, things which were said five thousand years ago must have become untrue long ago.

What they are saying seems to be rational, because when things said even five years ago are now dubious, it is only natural that things said five thousand years ago should be thought dubious.

But no, what the Upanishads have said is still true - they are true today and will still remain true tomorrow. Now this can mean two things. One, that the intelligence of India has become dull and is not developing any further, that it has become static at the point of five thousand years ago and is standing still, clutching whatsoever had been discovered then. It has not moved any further from there; otherwise all those things would have become wrong by now.

Even in India today, those who do any thinking - and very few people do - they do almost borrowed thinking which is more or less a shadow of Western thinking. So whether it is in the West or in India, according to the manner of thinking of science today it will appear that these thousands-of-years-old statements of India must have become untrue long ago. Because India has stopped thinking any further it has not been able to make any amendments, and so things have remained where they were. And what they are saying is right too - for those who work through mind.

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