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Chapter 25: We Cannot Be Otherwise

Today is my eighth sannyas birthday. Isn’t eight years a very long time to miss the obvious?

The obvious has been missed for hundreds of lives, so no time is long enough to miss it. On the other hand, even a single minute is enough to recognize it.

In fact, it is a nontemporal phenomenon; time has no concern with it. If you think in terms of years, if you have missed it in the moment when it was possible to get it, you will go on missing. Time cannot help; on the contrary, the longer you have missed it the more is the possibility to miss it again when the moment comes to recognize it.

The question is from Devaraj. He should not be worried, because he has not missed it. And it is not the time of eight years that has helped him not to miss. It is his love - not the length of time but the depth of love that he did not miss it.

He has loved me immensely and in a very difficult situation. He is my personal physician, and anybody in that situation will be in a very difficult situation.

I am a difficult patient. I don’t listen to him or to anybody; I simply tell him to do what he should tell me to do. And he has to manage somehow to do it - and to do it rightly, because he has to take care of medical science and he has to take care of a madman.

I won’t listen, because I understand my body and its ways. Whatever he, or any doctor in the world has learned about bodies and ways.. They have learned about corpses, not real bodies; they have been dissecting dead bodies.

Sooner or later medical science will have to accept the fact that their understanding is basically wrong, because a living body functions totally differently; the dead body does not function at all. You study the dead body and you apply your conclusions to the living body. That is one of the greatest flaws in modern medical science.

But with me the difficulty is even more; it is not only a question of a living body. Modern medical science has no understanding of a body in which enlightenment has happened - that its functioning changes absolutely, totally.

But Devaraj has been able to understand for the simple reason that he has been able to love. His science, his experience, and my body’s different functioning may have created a great problem for him to understand - but love solves everything. He has followed my understanding of my body and its wisdom, still keeping in tune with his scientific medical knowledge. He has done something which has never been done before, and he has done it successfully.

He need not worry: eight years or eighty years make no difference. The first moment he saw me the obvious became a reality to him, and not for a single moment has he lost sight of it; otherwise you can live with an awakened person for your whole life and still not see what awakening is, what illumination is.

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