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Chapter 1: Pseudo-Religion: The Stick-on Soul

Then you will be able to see that all that misery was nothing compared to this ten percent; this ten percent is the real anguish. And that can be transformed only through inward movement: call it meditation, awareness, watchfulness.

But that ten percent misery is of tremendous weight. The ninety percent is nothing, it is just hunger - you need food, you need shelter, you need employment, and all these things can be tackled by science.

Remove the priest completely. He has no function for the future. He has already done enough mischief. Focus on science, and then immediately you will see a new dimension arising in you, of which you were not aware.

It was there - but a hungry man, how can he think whether life has meaning or not? A hungry man cannot think whether the flower is beautiful or not; he is hungry. You cannot talk to him about music and poetry and painting. That will be humiliating him; it will just be an insult, an outright insult. But once these problems disappear then he will start, for the first time, to inquire about real existential questions which can be answered only by a subjective science.

So there is no future for religion. There is a future for an objective science to deal with objective matters, and a subjective science to deal with your inward matters. One will take care of your physiology, biology. The other will take care of your psychology and your ultimate center: the soul.