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Chapter 4: Alight with the Inner Fire

“Nachiketa, I can see that you have so courageously forfeited the heaven where all the pleasures of the senses are available - the heaven which is the revered of the world; the heaven which is the gift of the lasting fruit of the yagnas; the heaven which is the place of no fear; the heaven which is significant and whose praise the Vedas have sung in numerous ways; the heaven which is endowed with eons of existence - I acknowledge your profound intelligence.”

“By understanding the divine - the divine hidden behind the veil of Yogamaya, the elusive goddess who is the symbol of the creative energy of the divine; which is omnipresent; which dwells in the inner sanctum of the hearts of all beings; which lives in the dark and dense jungle called the world; which is ancient; which is seen only with great effort; which is attainable through Adhyatma-Yoga, the discipline of the science of the soul - the patient seeker will go beyond joy and sorrow.”

“When mortals realize the subtle science of the soul through their own experience, have heard and grasped this teaching of religiousness and have attained to the supreme brahman, which is the abode of bliss, they themselves will become imbued with bliss.”

“For you, Nachiketa, the doors to the ultimate abode are open.”

Wherever there is trust and patience, wherever there is a longing and readiness to experience, Yama is saying, “There, Nachiketa, the doors to the ultimate abode are open to you.”

That door can also be open for you. Except for you, nobody else is responsible for the door being closed. With perseverance, patience and desirelessness you have to put all your efforts into making your energy move inwards. Perhaps the door is already open.. And in the moment when you move towards the door, your entry into the temple will happen.

Now get ready for the morning meditation.