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Chapter 4: Alight with the Inner Fire

“Beguiled by their greed for wealth, the unaware cannot see any other world. They believe that this visible world is all there is, that there is nothing more. In their arrogance, they fall again and again into my clutches.”

“Many never know that there is a science of the soul, and many cannot understand it even after having heard it. The noble one who can describe the profound science of the soul is a miracle, and the wise one who can receive the truth of the soul is rare. But the one who knows the science of the soul and who has been taught by one who has known truth, is even more miraculous and rare.”

“Explained by the unenlightened, even when contemplated upon in many ways, the science of the soul is almost impossible to grasp. One cannot enter this subject unless it is taught by an enlightened one because it is the most subtle of the subtle. It is beyond logic.”

“Beloved, your intelligence has not been acquired through logic: you can intuit self-realization just by being told. Nachiketa, you have the true patience. If only I were always to come across such sincere seekers.”

“I know that the fruits of accumulated past actions are transitory and the eternal cannot be attained through the transitory. This is why, from the transitory, I have distilled the Naachiket Fire. In this way, through the unique power of choicelessness, I have found the eternal.
“Nachiketa, I can see that you have so courageously forfeited the heaven where all the pleasures of the senses are available - the heaven which is the revered of the world; the heaven which is the gift of the lasting fruit of the yagnas; the heaven which is the place of no fear; the heaven which is significant and whose praise the Vedas have sung in numerous ways; the heaven which is endowed with eons of existence - and I acknowledge your profound intelligence.”

“By understanding the divine - the divine hidden behind the veil of Yogamaya, the elusive goddess who is the symbol of the creative energy of the divine; which is omnipresent; which dwells in the inner sanctum of the hearts of all beings; which lives in the dark and dense jungle called the world; which is ancient; which is seen only with great effort; which is attainable through Adhyatma-Yoga, the discipline of the science of the soul - the patient seeker will go beyond joy and sorrow.”

“When mortals realize the subtle science of the soul through their own experience, have heard and grasped this teaching of religiousness and have attained to the supreme brahman, which is the abode of bliss, they themselves will become imbued with bliss.”

“For you, Nachiketa, the doors to the ultimate abode are open.”

Before we enter into the sutras, it will be good to understand a few introductory points.

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