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Chapter 20: The World of No-Thing

So both look alike: the madman believes, and the Buddha trusts. And trust and belief look alike. The madman is one, utterly unconscious; the Buddha is also one, utterly conscious. And oneness looks alike. The madman has dropped reason, reasoning, mind; Buddha has also dropped reasoning, rationality, mind. That is similar; and yet they are poles apart. One has fallen below humanity, and the other has risen above humanity.

Modern psychology will remain incomplete unless it starts studying buddhas. It will remain incomplete, its vision will remain incomplete, partial; and a partial vision is very dangerous. A partial truth is very dangerous, more dangerous than a lie, because it gives you the feeling that you are right.

Modern psychology has to take a quantum leap. It has to become the psychology of the buddhas. It will have to go deep into Sufism, into Hasidism, into Zen, into Tantra, into Yoga, into Tao. Only then will it really be psychology. The word psychology means the science of the soul. It is not yet psychology; it is not yet the science of the soul.

These are the two possibilities: you can go below yourself, you can go above yourself.

Become mad like Buddha, Bahauddin, Mohammed, Christ. Become mad like me. And that madness has immense beauty, because all that is beautiful is born out of that madness, and all that is poetic flows out of that madness. The greatest experiences of life, the greatest ecstasies of life, are born out of that madness.

Initiating you into sannyas, I am really initiating you into that kind of madness. This place belongs to mad people.

The last question:

Who is a masochist and who is a sadist?

I have heard this definition of a masochist and a sadist:

A masochist says: “Beat me, whip me, put me in chains.”

A sadist says: “No, I won’t.”

Enough for today.