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Chapter 30: A Little More Courage, a Little More Love

The people who are annoyed with me are annoyed with a mirror. If they are a little conscious, they will see that they are annoyed with their own life. They were not aware of it; looking into the mirror, they have become aware of it. Rather than changing their life and its style, they try to destroy the mirror; otherwise, there was no need to crucify Jesus. A mirror was crucified, because the man was becoming a nuisance.

I at least remain in one place; it is your responsibility if you come and look into the mirror.

Jesus used to move on his donkey from one place to another place, showing people who were not ready, their faces. He irritated all the Jewish rabbis. Rather than listening to him and changing themselves - because he had brought the whole science of transformation with him - they crucified the mirror.

Poisoning Socrates was poisoning the mirror. He had become a problem in Athens. People had become so worried about him.even to say hello to him was dangerous, because that would start a dialogue. And soon he would get you involved in a discussion in which your old prejudices, nonsense, superstitions that you used to think your great treasure, would start dropping away. He annoyed so many people in Athens that they finally decided that this man had to be finished.

This has happened to many mystics, but such is the mediocrity of humanity that rather than changing themselves, they start destroying the mirror.

I used to know one of my professors, a certain Professor Bhattacharya. He was a Bengali, and very tradition-oriented. He believed in celibacy and all kinds of unscientific, unnatural ideas, but he would never discuss them. I used to harass him. He lived alone, and I would just knock on his door - he had to open the door, and I would immediately enter his house. He would say, “I don’t want any discussion.”

I said, “You are starting it! I have entered silently and you have started the discussion. Why don’t you want the discussion?”

He said, “My God! How to get rid of you?”

I said, “Just close the door; sit on your chair. Now there is no way; you have started it..”

He used to walk the year-round, any season, rain or summer or winter, with an umbrella so close to his head that he could see only two or three feet ahead, just to avoid people.

In the class he used to speak with closed eyes. And he spoke so fast, without even giving anybody any chance to ask a question. He would come, close his eyes, and start speaking. He was so afraid.no question should be raised against his fragile beliefs. But that is the situation of almost all human beings. They may not be carrying umbrellas, but in a subtle and invisible form they are protecting themselves.against the mirrors.

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