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Chapter 24: No Heaven, No Hell, No Doubt

It was the third day, the day he died. He closed his eyes and his face became radiant. He smiled although the pain was immense and he opened his eyes and said to his disciples, “I asked, but the answer that I received was, ‘Now, Ramakrishna, you should eat from every mouth that loves you, you should drink with every mouth that is connected with you. Why are you insisting on having only one body? All these bodies of your lovers are your bodies.’ So if you want some nourishment to reach me, drop your fasting.”

Sadly, the disciples ate that evening, but that was the last.. Ramakrishna came out of his room and enjoyed seeing his disciples eating. But he said, “Why are you sad? You know me, I love food. If you are eating on my behalf, just behave like me.”

He made them laugh and rejoice in a situation when they were full of tears - because it was the third day and by the evening Ramakrishna was gone, he was dead. Just before dying, he told Sagar and his disciples, “I am only leaving the body, nobody should say that Ramakrishna has died. I will be here, and you have to remember to behave in this room as you behave in front of me - with the same love, with the same respect, with the same gratitude, with the same joy.”

He said to his wife, “You need not be a widow, because I am not dying; I am only moving from body into bodilessness. Now it will be easier for me to be in all of you, wherever you are.”

Your hands are my hands, and your eyes are my eyes, and only if this happens, you rise from disciplehood to the status of a devotee. So your feeling is perfectly correct. I am talking to you just to keep you engaged so that I can work in other ways on you, on your heart.

It is spiritual surgery. Unless you are silent, quiet, calm, just absorbed in listening to me, I cannot do the subtle work. My speaking is nothing but anesthesia.

Saint Peter was on vacation from guarding the pearly gates, so Jesus was his stand-in. An old man arrived, tired and downhearted. “Cheer up, old man, you have reached heaven,” Jesus said. “Why are you so sad?”

“Well”, replied the old man, “I am just a poor carpenter; but once I had a very special son who had a miraculous birth and became world-renowned. He left me many years ago and I have been searching for him ever since.” “Father!,” exclaimed Jesus, hugging him. “Pinocchio!” said the old man.

Doubt, shame, fear, self-condemnation - all disappear in the mystery of your love. Would you care to comment?

Love is the greatest alchemy there is, the most profound science of transformation. If you love, your whole energy is gathered, becomes one-pointed. Doubt needs energy, shame needs energy, fear needs energy, self-condemnation.they all need energy.

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