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Chapter 6: Body and Soul: Science and Religion

My Beloved Ones,

There are some questions - in fact, there are many questions. I will try to give a combined answer to all of them. I have divided them into categories.

The first question is:

What is the place of religion in the scientific age? And what is the use of religion in national and social life?

Science is the form of knowledge which looks for the inner, hidden power in matter. Religion is the form of knowledge which looks for the inner, hidden power in consciousness. There is no conflict between religion and science; in fact they are complementary to each other.

In an age which is only scientific there will be more conveniences, but there will not be more happiness. In an age which is only religious some people will know happiness, but mostly, people will suffer inconveniences. Science provides the conveniences, religion brings peace. If there are no conveniences, very few people can know peace. If there is no peace, then many people can acquire conveniences but they will not know how to enjoy them.

Until now all the civilizations that man has given birth to were incomplete, fragmented. The culture that the East gave birth to depended purely on religion. It was not interested in science. As a result, the East was defeated; it became impoverished and ruined. The culture that the West gave birth to is at the other extreme: it is based on science and it has nothing to do with religion. As a result, the West has triumphed and has accumulated wealth, prosperity and conveniences - but it has lost its soul.

The culture that will arise in the future, if it is truly to be for the evolution of mankind, will be a balance of science and religion. This culture will be a synthesis of religion and science. It will not be only religious or only scientific: it will be either scientifically religious or religiously scientific.

So far, both experiments have been failures. The Eastern experiment has failed and the Western experiment has also failed. But now we have an opportunity to create a universal experiment which is neither of the East nor of the West, in which both religion and science are combined.

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