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Chapter 31: The Art of Being Human

All over the world people are being tortured. At the present time - especially in third world countries - reports are surfacing every day of unbelievable atrocities committed by man against man. From where does this desire to torture others arise? Do such perverted acts stem from a deep sense of frustration and the need to take revenge against society? Please comment.

Man’s whole history is a history of torture, murder, rape. But in the past it was not possible to know about the whole world, what was happening; people knew only about local things. Now the earth has become so small that within minutes, wherever anything happens, it spreads all over the world. The media has made people aware of man’s reality. In the past it remained hidden. Now it has surfaced.

There are reasons why man is so inhuman. The reasons are many, but the few most important ones should be understood.

One, all the religions of the world have been teaching unnatural things to humanity - celibacy, renouncing the pleasures and comforts of life, living in poverty. For centuries they have been telling these things to people, and they have kept the people uneducated, illiterate.

But an explosion in the contemporary world of education has created a tremendous problem. Now people know that what has been told to them was not right - it was not according to nature, it was against nature. They are full of rage against the whole past.

The religions have corrupted their minds, have led them to perverted sexual practices. The religions have put one man against another. There are three hundred religions on the earth, and each claims that it is the only ultimate truth, all others are false.

Now, anybody who has a little intelligence can see the point that there can be only one kind of religiousness, unnamed - just like science. You don’t call it Jewish science, Mohammedan science, Hindu science, Christian science. Just to call it science is enough; its rules are universal.

Religion is the science of the inner world. Its rules also are universal.

But these three hundred religions have been teaching you just the opposite. They have been teaching you rituals which don’t lead you inside. They have been teaching you about a God who lives above the clouds; nobody has seen him. They have been teaching you commandments written three thousand years ago, written five thousand years ago - written, and you have to live according to them.

They have encaged you.

In every possible way you are chained - not only your body, but your spirit.

Hence, everywhere atrocities are surfacing. They have been surfacing down the ages, but the media to inform you about the reality that is happening all around the earth was missing. Education was missing. Now you are educated, whether you are a Jew or a Christian or a Hindu or a Buddhist, in the same way, in the same science, the same laws.

In every way science has made the whole humanity one. But religions go on carrying the hangover of the past, dividing man against man.

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