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Chapter 24: Blessed Are Those Who Doubt

But what can man do? His trouble is that he is very poor sexually because he is a donor; his energy is spent in a single shot. The woman is a receiver. She is not giving any energy; in fact she is enjoying your shots. She is on the receiving end, as many shots.. But with one shot your gun is empty. It is hanging down! You cannot do anything about it. That has made women all around the world very bitchy. Either science has to make arrangements for a man, that he can give as many shots as needed, or science has to do some surgery on women, that only one shot is enough. But if this cannot be done then the only way is that when you make love to your wife, invite all your friends too, so that by the time she asks for the second, the second friend is ready.

What else to do? I am simply suggesting a practical thing. If one gun goes empty in one shot, have many guns ready in line. And the woman will be so utterly satisfied with you. She will not nag you ever again! She will not be angry, she will not throw things. She will prepare the most delicious food for you - you have done so much for her.

This seems to be simple. Scientists may be able to do it or not; but this is very simple, to invite your friends. And in return they will be inviting you, so why be so miserly? Share!