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Chapter 2: Gratitude Is the Only Prayer

Have you ever seen a lotus flower with its leaves just above the water? In the night dewdrops gather on the leaves. They look so beautiful in the early morning sun, far more beautiful than any pearls, far more alive, far more radiant. But they are slipping slowly from the leaves, finally dropping into the ocean.

A dewdrop slipping from a lotus leaf is the situation of a disciple.

So close to the ocean and yet - because of the closeness itself - a tremendous fear arises: to pull oneself back. You are saying, “And this incredible pull.” Just because of this incredible pull, one can start resisting, because you don’t understand all the subtle workings of your mind. Nature, as it is, has to be understood if you want to transcend it.

In all the medical “-pathies” developed around the world - homeopathy or ayurveda or acupuncture - except allopathy, nobody has exactly understood the inner function of nature in man’s body and mind. I say, except allopathy, because others may be sometimes helpful, but they are not scientific. And others are helpful not in a small way either; if you look at their help, it is tremendous.

In almost seventy percent of the cases, ayurveda will be successful, acupuncture may be successful, homeopathy may be successful, naturopathy may be successful. But remember the seventy percent - it is no more than that because seventy percent of diseases are false. They are just in your mind, they don’t really exist. That’s why you don’t need real medicine; any hocus-pocus will do. And seventy percent is not a small percentage so I would not like these “-pathies” to disappear from the world. I want them to be recognized, because seventy percent is a big percentage.

And strangely enough, those seventy percent of the cases are the most difficult as far as allopathy is concerned. Allopathy finds itself in a difficulty: how to deal with a person who has no disease but believes he has? Allopathy has no way to help such a person.

So only thirty percent remain to be helped by allopathy. It is a strange world. Thirty percent to the most scientific approach and seventy percent to all kinds of hocus-pocus - superstitious approaches which really don’t make any change, but they help. The most scientific approach of allopathy is based on a deep understanding of nature, and that is that the body has a resistance of its own.

Because of this fact, naturopathy condemns allopathy. Allopathy goes on injecting viruses into patients because the allopathic understanding is, the moment the body gets a virus, it immediately creates antibodies. It immediately starts fighting, it has a resistance of its own. The whole body immediately goes on red-alert to destroy the disease.

Naturopathy condemns it because they think you are poisoning people with diseases. You are supposed to take out diseases and you are, on the contrary, putting poisonous viruses into people’s bodies.

Naturopathy cleans people’s bodies by fasting, by strange methods that you cannot believe. But they can help only those people who are not suffering from any real disease.

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