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Chapter 22: Laughter Is Divine

All other desires are your desires. Desire for money and desire for power and desire for prestige are your desires; they are too small. Existence does not need money, what will existence do with money? Existence does not need power. It has all the power, infinite and eternal. Nothing more can be asked and nothing more can be added to it. What will it do with prestige, respectability, honor? These are desires of the small mind of man.

But enlightenment is not your desire. It is not part of your mind, it is coming from some deeper source, some higher source, from somewhere beyond. Of course, it is coming through you, but it is not from you. Allow it, don’t stand in the way of the passion and the longing to become enlightened and liberated.

If you can do only this much, not to stand in the way, you have done more than can be asked. All that you have not even dreamed of will start showering on you with tremendous benediction, grace, contentment. Then tears will change into a dance.

My whole work is how to transform your tears into a dance.

I’m probably asking for it, but here goes: all my life I have never trained my Aristotelian mind in anything. Is this a misfortune?

Mukta, Aristotle is the greatest misfortune that has fallen over the Western mind. I have renamed him, because I don’t think Aristotle has been, in any way, a help in the evolution of human consciousness. On the contrary, he has been like a great disease. Hence I have named him Aristotelitis.

And you are thinking that this is a misfortune, that you have not trained yourself and your mind in Aristotelian logic! You are fortunate. It is unbelievable that being a Greek you could manage to escape from Aristotelitis, because it is so widespread. It is bound to be so, since Athens was the place from where Aristotle spread the disease his whole life.

He has made the whole Western mind, and if the West is going to destroy the entire world in a third world war, the whole credit will go to Aristotle, two thousand years ago; because he was the man who had sown the seeds which are now flowering, like nuclear weapons. The whole scientific approach is based on Aristotle’s method.

Aristotle divides life into black and white. Either something is right or something is wrong. He does not allow any middle ground. He does not allow any other alternative. A is A and A can never be B, that is his foundation. Either you are my friend or you are my enemy. Those who are not my friends are my enemies.

Aristotle’s way of thinking is childish. Life is not so simple, life is like the whole spectrum of a rainbow - all the colors and also the negation of all the colors and also the combination of all the colors. It is more than the rainbow because in the rainbow two things are missing, the white and the black.

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