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Chapter 30: Everybody Wants Freedom, Nobody Wants Responsibility

Yes, the day will come when we will start creating new words, new languages. It is certainly foolish that in this world there are thousands of languages - all that it needs is one language. And these languages have grown haphazardly, unscientifically, but we go on carrying them - just junk, thousands of years old.

Just as I say one world is needed and one world government is needed, so one scientifically created language is needed, so that all men, wherever they are, are capable of understanding each other.

No old language should be accepted as the world language, for the simple reason that old languages are not capable of coping with the new reality that goes on changing. And the second reason: if you choose one language out of the old, all other languages which are not chosen will fight against it, naturally. If you just think of numbers, then Chinese will be the world language, because of every four people, one is a Chinese. And Chinese is the most difficult language, the most unscientific, because it is one of the most ancient languages.

It has no alphabet, it has only symbols. Just to be able to understand Chinese you have to understand at least ten thousand symbols - just to begin with! If you want to be a real scholar in the language, then one hundred thousand symbols you have to remember. It is an unnecessary burden, absolutely not needed. And even those symbols are not clear.

If in Chinese you want to write “war, conflict, struggle, fight,” you have only one symbol - very true. The symbol is one tree and two women under it. That is, one husband and two women under one roof: the tree is the roof. But it is up to you whether to understand it as war, as fight, as struggle, as battle, or just a conflict, a debate, a discussion - because the symbol can represent all these things. You have to learn the context in which the symbol is used.

To learn Chinese, if you are not born Chinese, takes at least thirty years. As far as numbers are concerned, Chinese is the first language, and they will not be ready to give chances to any language which is far behind them.

No old language will do. But man is capable of creating a language like Esperanto and making it absolutely scientific so that no confusion arises. And because it will be a new language, there is nobody who will be privileged because it is his mother tongue. And nobody else will be disadvantaged because he has to learn a language for thirty years - almost half his life.

A new language will be equally acceptable to all. It will not be a competitor to any language. And only a new language can manage to be scientific; old languages cannot. Old languages go on adjusting to the new realities, but their adjustments make them silly. For example, horses are no longer important, but horsepower.strange, a car has so much horsepower, an aeroplane has so much horsepower. This is adjustment. Horses are gone, but horsepower will continue.

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