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Chapter 11: Of the Virtue That Makes Small

All that money and all that energy and all that scientific genius can make this earth a paradise. But nobody is interested in that. Everybody is interested in finding more and more dangerous weapons. And now it is absolutely clear that nobody can be the victor, nobody can be the defeated; all will be dead. Still man goes on accumulating.

Even poorer countries, like Pakistan or India, are dying to create nuclear weapons. And the scientific surveys show that by the end of this century.right now only five nations have nuclear weapons, but by the end of this century twenty-five more nations will have joined in the nuclear club. Thirty nations will be nuclear powers.

What has happened to man’s intelligence, that it is only devoted to a single cause - death?

O blessed hour of the lightning! O mystery before noontide! One day I shall turn them into running fire and heralds with tongues of flame -
one day they shall proclaim with tongues of flame: it is coming, it is near, the great noontide!

But Zarathustra still hopes that we can even transform fire into a creative energy. You cook your food on fire and you can also burn your house with fire. Fire is neutral. All energies are neutral; it depends on you to what use you want to put them.

Zarathustra is not weary of himself. He still hopes that one day he will be able to declare.

.the great noontide.

That is his symbolic expression for the greatest explosion of light, love, individuality, freedom. All these he calls the great noontide - the highest peak in human consciousness.

.Thus spake Zarathustra.