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Chapter 3: The Gardener Is the Garden

For the first time, I heard the idea. It is historically true, existentially false; scientifically true, religiously false.

Scientifically, all of life is a struggle. Everybody else is fighting you, and you are fighting everybody else: “the survival of the fittest.” It is a murderous competition, a cutthroat competition. Nobody is friendly. Even those who you think are friends are not friends. They cannot be.scientifically.

A new child is born. Now he is a new competitor in the world. One more enemy will be there. He will breathe, and he will destroy much oxygen which you could have used. Now he will be using it. He will need space, he will need food, he will need water - this and that. Now there is one more enemy.

Whenever a man dies, one enemy is dead. You can celebrate the fact! Now that much oxygen is free, that much food will be available - one competitor is gone. It is scientifically true. Ask Malthus.

Yes, it is true - but religiously? Religiously, the world is a unity. Existence is a family; we exist together. Life is togetherness, and that togetherness is God. If you cannot feel that togetherness, you will feel alienated and you will always be afraid. To a religious man, fearlessness happens spontaneously. To a non-religious man, fear is the only way to be. “God the Father” can be translated. Then it means: “Existence is one. It is a togetherness, it is a harmony - not a conflict.”

We are members of each other. Whenever somebody dies, something in me also dies. Whenever a new child is born, something is born into me also. Whenever a new child is there, life becomes more alive through him, life smiles. Whenever somebody dies, there are tears. It has to be so, because I come out of life, I go back into life. Life was trying to do something through me.

Everybody is a messenger, everybody is a messiah, everybody has a destiny to fulfill - and until you fulfill that destiny, you will never feel fulfilled. You can have a lot of money but fulfillment will not come through it. You can have a lot of sex, but fulfillment will not come through it. You can have a lot of power, but fulfillment will not come through it.

Fulfillment comes only when you have fulfilled a certain destiny that you were carrying, that was coded within you, that was deep in your blueprint. Unless you have become that for which you were made, unless you have attained to being, you will never be fulfilled.

Fulfillment is peace, fulfillment is bliss, fulfillment is contentment. And only a fulfilled heart can pray - because only a fulfilled heart can be grateful and can feel the grace descending.the spirit of God, like a dove.

Now the sutras:

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