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Chapter 18: A Good Laugh Is the Greatest Prayer

These are the problems because the establishment goes on preventing. Nobody thinks of man as such; everybody thinks about his own interest, money, power, investment. There are many inventions lying down in government warehouses. Governments purchase them, and then don’t bring them onto the market, because the people who are supporting those governments with money will be affected.

A few days ago I told you about one Japanese scientist who has been in Hiroshima for one year. He risked his life. He allowed himself to be open to the radiation that has still there. But it is lessening every day; the quantity is smaller, but the radiation is there. And his thesis was saying that radiation from atomic explosions or nuclear weapons can be used for creative purposes. The first immense experience was that although he is sixty-five and has been living one year in Hiroshima - ordinarily it was expected that he would die of radiation - now he looks nearabout the age of forty-five. He is sixty-five. He has become younger, he has lost twenty years, and he has become stronger.

He has created a few things, and because I have talked about him - he must have heard my tape or seen the video; perhaps I am the only man who has taken an interest in him. He is coming on the tenth of September. And he has sent me nearabout twenty thousand dollars’ worth of inventions that he has made.a belt with uranium inside it which radiates in very minute doses.. And he has been experimenting that if you keep that belt on your body for one year it will give you tremendous energy, youth, long life; many diseases that you would have suffered from, now you will not.

He has also sent a small soap-like thing. That too is covered.You have to keep it in your bathtub and within ten to twenty minutes the bathtub starts almost functioning as a hot springwater. It becomes hot, and just resting in that water is enough to keep you healthy and there is no question of you developing any diseases.

He has also sent a small bottle of which you have to take just two drops in water. For ten minutes it keeps the water radiating and after ten minutes it changes the whole quality of the water. It becomes sweeter, tasteful and immensely energy-giving.

One of the most significant war material producers in America is Lockheed. He has informed me that they wanted the sole copyright of the belt and all that he has invented. Whatsoever price he wants Lockheed was ready to offer him, but he refused. And he did well because Lockheed would have used them for destructive purposes. They would not have come on to the market for ordinary people.

With modern science this has become a problem that any invention, any discovery needs so much money and so much mechanism that only governments or very big firms like Lockheed or IBM or people like these can afford to produce them. A scientist alone cannot work; he does not have the right instruments which are too costly.

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