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Chapter 9: Riding on a Miracle

Master Lu-tsu said:
Release is in the eye..

The seed-blossoms of the human body must be concentrated upward in the empty space.

Immortality is contained in this and also the overcoming of the world.

The light is not in the body alone, nor is it only outside the body. Mountains and rivers and the great earth are lit by sun and moon; all that is this light. Therefore, it is not only within the body. Understanding and clarity, perception and enlightenment, and all movements of the spirit are likewise this light; therefore, it is not just something out-side the body. The light-flower of heaven and earth fills all the thousand spaces. But also the light-flower of the individual body passes through heaven and covers the earth. Therefore, as soon as the light is circulating, heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, all are circulating with it at the same time. To concentrate the seed-flower of the human body above in the eyes, that is the great key of the human body. Children, take heed! If for a day you do not practice meditation, this light streams out, who knows whither? If you only meditate for a quarter of an hour, by it you can do away with the ten thousand aeons and a thousand births. All methods end in quietness. This marvelous magic cannot be fathomed.

But when the practice is started, one must press on from the obvious to the profound, from the coarse to the fine. Everything depends on there being no interruption. The beginning and the end of the practice must be one. In between there are cooler and warmer moments, that goes without saying. But the goal must be to reach the vastness of heaven and the depths of the sea, so that all methods seem quite easy and taken for granted. Only then have we mastered it.

An old fable has it that when God was creating the world he was approached by four questioning angels. “How are you doing it?” the first one asked. The second queried, “Why?” The third one said, “May I have it when you finish?” The fourth one said, “Can I help?”

The first one was the question of the scientist, the second, the philosopher’s, the third, the politician’s, and the fourth was the question of the religious one.

The scientific inquiry into existence is that of detached observation. The scientist has to be objective. To be objective he has to remain uninvolved; he cannot participate, because the moment he becomes a participant he becomes involved. Hence the scientist can only know the outer circumference of life and existence. The innermost core will remain unavailable to science; its very methodology prohibits it.

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