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Chapter 5: Successful Criminals and Cowardly Politicians

But intellectuals are not capable of resisting; they don’t have the guts, they can’t have, because all that they have is borrowed. They are easily purchasable, cheap. But they become a very significant protective wall around the establishment. People look towards them with respect. People think that if a Nobel prize winner is saying something it must be right - as if by winning the Nobel prize one attains to enlightenment, nirvana!

It is a political game. It is all politics.

Once in a while they go on giving a Nobel prize to a Russian scientist, to some scientist whom they would like to get out of Russia; his being in Russia is dangerous for them. He is close to finding something - or he has found it already - in which they are far behind.

Now you see the ways of the politicians? Give the man a Nobel prize - now you create trouble. The scientist is not capable of resisting the temptation of accepting the Nobel prize, because that is the world’s greatest honor. It does not happen to everybody; it happens once in a while to one individual in millions.

Now, a poor scientist, howsoever great a scientist he may be - as a man he is a poor man with all the desires to be famous, to be well known. Now, the politicians have put him into a dilemma: if he accepts the Nobel prize he goes against the Russian establishment because the Russian establishment knows perfectly well - politicians know each other well; nobody knows them as well as they know each other. They speak the same language, they work the same strategies.

The Russian politicians know why the Nobel prize has been given to this man. By giving the Nobel prize a rift has been created between the man and the Soviet government. The Soviet pressure will be: “Reject the Nobel prize. It comes from the capitalist world; it is not an honor, in fact it is an insult. Reject it, and if you don’t reject it then you will be in trouble.”

And it has happened with many people: either they have been imprisoned.that’s what the politicians of the other side wanted, that they should be imprisoned so their work is spoiled. They may have been coming close to something which may have made Russia the most powerful nation in the world. They have disrupted it; they have sabotaged it in a very clever way - without interfering, without saying a single world.

Or if the man has a world-wide reputation already - which scientists generally don’t have.perhaps a literary person, a poet, a novelist may have. If the person has a world-wide reputation, then from all capitalist countries all the intellectuals, their institutions, academies and societies will start a great campaign and movement against the Russian government.

Now, the Russian government has only two choices: either to release that man and stop this campaign.. But they cannot keep this man any longer in the country; he has become an enemy. And now he is in the hands of the enemies, he can become an informer. He is dangerous - he has to be expelled. That too is good for the capitalist world. Once the man is expelled he is received with great honor all over the capitalist world; he is made a hero.

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