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Chapter 4: Just Joking Around

I have heard the story of a Nobel prize winner scientist. He was hanging behind his chair in his study a horseshoe. Another scientist had come to visit him; he could not believe his eyes, because it is believed by the ignorant masses that keeping a horseshoe hanging in your room is very good. It protects you; it is a kind of supernatural protection. The visiting friend asked the scientist, “I cannot believe my eyes! That you are a Nobel prize-winner scientist.Do you still believe in this nonsense, in this superstition that a horseshoe is protective?”

The Nobel laureate laughed. He said, “No, not at all - this is all nonsense. I never believe in such stupidity!”

The friend was even more puzzled. “Then why you are hanging this ugly horseshoe behind your chair?”

The scientist said, “But the person who has given it to me said whether you believe in it or not, it protects you all the same!”

It is defined that science is an effort to know more and more about less and less. That’s exactly what specialization is. If you follow this logic, then the ultimate science will be to know all about nothing; that will be the logical conclusion. If science is knowing more and more about less and less, then where it will end? It will end in knowing all about nothing.

Scientists are very gullible people, and the priests and the so-called saints exploit this opportunity very much. And then they brag about that, “Look, such a great scientist is my follower!” In fact, it is not the scientist who is his follower, it is the remaining part in him which is not a scientist, and which is far bigger than the scientist. Only a small fragment of his being has become scientific - maybe just one percent of his being - ninety-nine percent is as stupid or even more than the ordinary people, because the ordinary people don’t know more and more about less and less; they know something about everything. You cannot exploit them so easily.

Ignorance simply means you are missing knowlegeability. A little education, and your ignorance can become knowledge. Just a little conditioning, schooling, and your ignorance can be changed into knowledge. I here is no difference between ignorance and knowledge; they are interchangeable.

But innocence is a totally different phenomenon. It has nothing to do with knowledge and nothing to do with ignorance either. It is a state of total freedom - from ignorance and knowledge both. It is a state of wonder. It is a very positive state of tremendous awe. When you are full of wonder and awe; when your heart starts throbbing with each beautiful moment that passes by - with the roses, with the marigolds, with the lotuses, with the stars, with the sun, with the moon, with people, with rivers, mountains; when you can experience and feel the mystery of life; when you are so sensitive, so vulnerable, so open that the miraculous can penetrate to the very core of your being, then you are innocent.

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