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Chapter 8: Fictitious Father, Crackpot Son

Christianity, of course, is doing it more efficiently, more cunningly, because it is the greatest religion in the world. It uses ultra-modern techniques of programming. It sends its missionaries to learn psychoanalysis, to learn how to program people, how to deprogram people. If a Hindu has to be converted into Christianity, first he has to be deprogrammed of Hinduism. Again the tabula rasa appears; what was written is erased. Now you can write again, “Christianity is the highest religion in the world, and there has been no man like Jesus Christ, and will never be again, because he is the only begotten son of God.”

All wars depend on the family. It has been a tradition in many nations in the past that you should contribute at least one son to the army, to protect the nation, to protect the dignity and the pride of the nation.

In Tibet, every family has to contribute the eldest son to the monasteries. This has been done for thousands of years, as if the children are just commodities you can contribute, as if the children are money you can give in charity.

This divided the world into different camps because of religion, because of politics, because of nationalities, because of races. They all depend on family. Family is the root cause of mankind’s thousands of wounds.

To go deeper, in more detail, psychologists have discovered a certain phenomenon they call “imprinting.” When a child is born, he gets the first imprint of the mother, the father, because they are there. You may not be aware what imprinting can do..

When a scientist was exploring the phenomenon of imprinting, he was standing by the side of a hen’s egg, and it was time for the egg to break open and allow the small bird to come out. Ordinarily, the hen is sitting on the egg, so the first imprint is of the mother. But this scientist was standing there, so when the baby came out from the egg he saw the scientist’s shoe. That was his first imprint.

The scientist could not believe his eyes. When the baby became older, rather than falling in love with any female, he was continuously trying to make love to the scientist’s shoe! The scientist could not believe what was happening!

But he had discovered a great phenomenon: that whatever comes first in the vision of the child is his first imprint. The mother is his first imprint, the father is his second imprint. And if the child is a boy, then he falls in love with his mother, and his whole life he will suffer.

All couples are suffering around the world, and they don’t know the reason why. The reason is that the boy has been imprinted by the mother, and since that time he is looking and looking, searching for a woman who will fulfill his desire, who will be his mother. Now, you cannot find your mother again. Perhaps something of the mother.

Lovers are greatly embarrassed if you ask them, “Why have you chosen this woman, or this man?” They simply shrug their shoulders, they say, “We don’t know, it simply happened.”

It did not just happen, it is not so simple as you think. You simply don’t know.

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