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Chapter 6: Joy Is the Criterion

The sun is there - without the sun you will not be able to live. Your skin will simply wither away and you will die. That was the whole point.

And I am not trying to create a stampede. If a stampede is to be created, four thousand years won’t help. Tomorrow.and that too is doubtful. Even if I said that tomorrow the sun is going to cool down completely then too it is difficult to see that a stampede will be created. You are so lazy you will say, “Tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes.” And you may start living even more madly because, “Tomorrow? Maybe this man is right.” So whatsoever you have not done up to now, do it. You were thinking about murdering a man - murder. Or you were thinking about kidnapping a woman - kidnap; because “Tomorrow? Who knows? Maybe this man is right.”

No I am not creating, or trying to create, any stampede. To me it is an irrelevant thing: four thousand years, four million years, four billion years, four trillion years - whatsoever.

But you missed my point. And you showed your mind by raising a very unimportant question. If such questions are meaningful to you, you will go on missing me. Then you are simply watching for something absolutely meaningless.

I have heard.

Junior was in the habit of coming to the table with a dirty face and, of course, had to be sent to wash every day.

One time his mother, losing her patience, said to him, “Junior, why do you persist in coming to the table without washing? You know I always send you away.”

“Well,” replied Junior, “once you forgot.”

Just once, and, who knows, you may forget again.

There are minds who go on watching for such things. Be alert about this tendency.

I am not a scientist, neither was Jesus or Buddha. There are many people now who deny Jesus because he was not a scientist because he said the world was created four thousand years before. Now look. This four thousand seems to be very meaningful. I said, “After four thousand years it is going to drop,” and Jesus said, “Just four thousand years ago the world was created.”

Now scientists find fault. It is faulty. The world was not created four thousand years before. Then why was this man saying it? This man was not a scientist; this man was saying something not as a fact but as a parable. He was not talking about a scientific theory for the creation, he was not interested in any scientific theory, he was simply talking in parables. He was emphasizing one fact: that the world is not going to be forever and it has not been there forever. It is dreamlike. It has been created and it will disappear. So don’t be too involved in it, it is not the real thing - seek the creator, find out who is the creator. Don’t waste too much time with the creation.