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Chapter 4: Asking the Experts

In India, we don’t have a word like philosophy in Indian languages. This Greek word philosophy means love of knowledge. We don’t have any word like that. And the word that we have is totally different: it is darshan. It means the capacity to see. Not love of knowledge, but love of realization. Not love towards more and more knowledge, no, but towards a greater, clearer vision. That’s why we call those who have known, seers - those who have seen. Life has to be lived and seen, not thought about. Philosophy creates experts, and those experts go on giving answers to you which are false. The whole effort of philosophy is a false effort, and this is one of the greatest systems of human effort to know.

The second system is science. Science again takes it for granted that life is a challenge; not a problem in the sense of a philosopher, but a challenge. One has to fight. That’s why scientists go on in terms of conquering nature: as if there is an enemy, not a problem, but an enemy who is challenging you and whom you have to conquer. Scientists become warriors, conquerors. They fight with nature. But how can you live if you start with hate? Science is based on hatred, enmity, fear, as if life is there surrounding you like an enemy: not like your mother, not something beloved, not caring about you, but ready to kill and destroy you. Science has taken the attitude of hatred, and through that, science goes on fighting. If you fight, you miss again.

Philosophy theorizes, and misses. Science fights, and misses. How can you live if from the very beginning your whole attitude is based on enmity?

A scientist lives a desert life. He may get the Nobel prize award, but life never awards him. Life never comes any nearer to him. He does not allow that closeness with life. He is always in search of ways and means to conquer. The system of science is aggressive, it is violent. It is a rape against nature.

So scientists may get a few facts here and there. They may snatch something, just as a robber can. It is possible: you can steal, you can rob life of a few facts. Life will give those few facts to you very reluctantly. It is as if you gather a few crumbs from the table of an emperor, but you don’t become the emperor.you remain a beggar, or a robber, and life was there ready to crown you as the emperor.

There was no need to fight because life is the mother - you come out of it! You are born out of existence, existence carried you in its womb; how can existence be inimical to you? It has given birth to you, it has protected you, it still protects you. You come out of it and you dissolve into it again. You are part of it: a hand raised by nature. Eyes, ears.through all your being nature is trying to reach a certain height of consciousness. You are not the enemy, you are the beloved son.

That is the meaning of Jesus’ saying of himself, “I am the son and God is my father. “ The Jews never understood him, what he was saying: he was saying that life is a family, existence is not inimical, it mothers you, it fathers you. You are the son, loved by it, nourished by it. Something is meant through you, some greater significance has to evolve in you. Don’t fight, because if you start fighting the friend you will create unnecessary barriers for yourself.

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